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Zeus Simopolis- Log 7


I know. It’s been a while since my last log. All is well. I didn’t burn in a fire, almost, but I didn’t…  The firefighting has been going well. I’ve been working a lot from home, now that I was given an alarm to that is linked directly to the station, and my own fire truck.

Usually, I only have one emergency to attend to, so Zelda and I have had plenty of time to grow our family. In fact we have had 3 more sons…(They aren’t triplets, but were born close together.)



And Hermes:

6 boys in the house at one time! We have been having birthday parties every weekend it seems! All the boys were blonde. ALL OF THEM! Some have brown eyes and some have blue, but all the birthday pictures look the same! Blonde little boys running around with white underwear…

Spiros’ birthday was an important one, as he has turned into a young adult. He wasted no time in going to the Business Center and starting a career in as a Journalist.

The next day he came and told me he was ready to start on his own. I gave him my wishes and he was on his way.

When the alarm went off the next morning, I quickly ran out the door,

I kept my cool the best I could when I pulled up to Spiros’ new house. I yelled his name and received no response.

Thank goodness, Spiros must have been at work. I quickly started putting out all the fires.

He conveniently came home once the fires were out… Perhaps one of his new neighbors called him, and made him aware of the fire.. Either way, we had a fire discussion and I made him review fire safety as I upgraded my fire extinguisher.

Meanwhile, Odysseus was getting sweet with the maid…His birthday was only two days away and he planned on marring her. She wasn’t that much older than him…

The next day was the most difficult day. The first emergency was a bad fire. As I was putting it out, the couch exploded into flames. Yes, I’m in there…

I managed to get the fire under control and put it out. Thankfully no one was home for this fire either.

The next fire was another story. The flames were huge and there were 3 people trapped inside. I worked diligently and as efficiently as possible.

Seems there was a candle burning next the bed that started the whole thing. Please be responsible for your candles people!

I was nominated for yet another key for saving those lives. I gladly shook the mayor’s hand and accepted my key.

As I took the key, I was thankful this was my last week as a firefighter. I am thankful that I choose this position, as it has made me grateful to all the other firefighters that put their life on the line on a daily basis.

I will leave this post on a birthday. Odysseus is turning into a young man.

Will he keep his promise and marry Maebe, our maid?  And what career path will I choose next? I’m thinking of one that is a little less dangerous…just to give me a little break…Also, Zelda just informed me that she is ready for another child!


6 thoughts on “Zeus Simopolis- Log 7

  1. I like your challenge idea! I’m going to have to go back and read the specifics, and the previous updates. Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

  2. What a lot of fire! Zeus really must be glad to move onto a new job that doesn’t have him worrying about the safety of his family every day.

    • Yes, I think he is. I’ll have an update soon. I think I’m procrastinating because I’m not so crazy about his current career…. The happy couple have been a bit busy though! Next update will have quite a few birthdays in it!

  3. Wow three more babies! How many kids does that make for them now?

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