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3.3 Two Trips in One

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I arrived at the campsite in Egypt.

I didn’t mind roughing it for a few days.

First order of business, find a book store.


I got directions to the main town and found my way to the bookstore.


I began looking at the books on the shelves.


“Can I help you?” said the store attendant.

I put the book back on the shelf.

“Yes, please.” I answered. “I need help….with a ghost problem.”


“Hmmm…” he walked over to the shelf and handed me a book. “Maybe this one will be what you need?”

I took the book and sat down looking through it quickly.


I knew it wasn’t what I was looking for.

I handed the book back to him.

“I’m not sure this book is old enough.” I said.

He scratched his head and looked worried.

“I know what book you are looking for.”


“It is deep within the Sphinx….”

Now I was getting somewhere.

“I can’t go with you but I have some information that might help.

He made a few notes on a piece of paper and gave it to me.

“Good Luck.” he said.

I thanked the man and gave him some Simoleans for his assistance.

I rented a bicycle from the square and headed to the Sphinx, grateful It was close by.

The Tomb was majestic.

I looked at the piece of paper and was glad the first bit of information was how to get in.


 I cautiously made my way from ancient room to ancient room.


I made my way to a room with a table and chairs.

Chills ran through me when I realized they weren’t dusty.


According to the notes there was a hidden door in here…somewhere.

I began knocking on the walls.


I finally found the hidden panel.

The wall shifted aside and opened a room.

There was a large glowing statue inside.

I felt as though the statue was looking at me, like it was alive.


And there it was, The Book.

I feverishly began to look through the pages.


It was all so fascinating….and I couldn’t read a single word.

I took out my phone and started taking pictures of every page.

I could almost feel the statue looking at me disapprovingly.

The longer I looked at the symbols on the pages, the more I began to think it looked Greek.

I really missed Sophia.

But this was no time to let my heart slow me down.

I finished taking pictures of the pages and started to hightail it out of the tomb.


I was almost to the exit when my phone began to ring.

I looked at my phone.

Seriously, I have signal in here?

I answered the phone. “Hello…?”

“I heard you are in Egypt.”said a sweet voice.

It was Sophia.


“Are you psychic?” I laughed.

“Not that I know of” she chuckled. “You aren’t far from Greece…Why don’t you come see me before you go home.”

My thoughts went from the 300 pages of foreign symbols I had copied to my phone, to the smell of her hair and softness of her lips.

“I’ll catch the next flight outta here.” I said.



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