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The Simopolis Family Tree

This is The Simopolis Family Tree. Our founders are Zeus and Zelda Simopolis.I will take a picture of each child when the age into a young adult.



1) Antonis Simopolis: Genius, Virtuoso, Perceptive, Artistic, Charismatic


2) Leonidas Simopolis: Brave, Great Kisser, Genius, Friendly



3) Persephonie Simopolis: Brave, Genius, Ambitious, Handy, Workaholic



4) Fotini Simopolis: Excitable, Eccentric, Artistic, Hopeless Romantic



5) Athena Simopolis: Good, Genius, Lucky, Savvy Sculptor, Loves Outdoors


6) Spiros: Easily Impressed, Friendly, Perfectionist, Neat



7) Odysseus: Love’s Outdoors, Friendly, Slob, Angler, Charasmatic



8. Apollo: Virtuoso, Friendly, Loves Outdoors, Charasmatic, Vehicle Enthusiast



9) Perseus: Athletic, Brave, Good, Friendly, Genius


10) Vasilis:Genius, Heavy Sleeper, Bookworm, Good Sense of Humor


11) Hermes: Friendly, Good Neat, Computer Whiz, Family Oriented


12) Yanni: Friendly, Good, Genius, Family Oriented. Charasmatic



13) Achillies: Brave, Friendly, Green Thumb, Loves the Outdoors



14) Aleka: Friendly, Easily Impressed, Party Animal, Loves the Outdoors, Excitable


15) Giorgos(Teen Picture): Genius, Clumsy, Eco Friendly, Computer Whiz, Green Thumb


16) Tassos(Teen Picture):Mooch, Friendly, Vehichle Enth. Eccentric, Star Quality



17) Nikkos(Teen Picture): Hopeles Romantic, Easily Impressed, Excitable, Eccentric, Party Animal


18) Jade (SimBot): Neat, Hydrophobic, Handy, Brave, Loves Outdoors


19) Kia (From Time Machine-Past): Neat, Snob, Handy, Good Sence of Humor, Perfectionist


20) Evyenia: Friendly, Heavy Sleeper, Perceptive


21) Rena: Easily Impressed


22) Ruby (From Time Machine-Future) Artistic, Neat, Good Sence of Humor, Workaholic






   25. Eleni


26. Maria(Download here)


27. Zak


28: Alexis


29: Glykeria

30. Dion


31. Rose


32. Lily


33. Kosmas

34. Claire


35. Dana


36. China

37. Kia (download here: )

38. Xristos (download here)


39. Callie Rose


40. Amy

41. Lydia


42. Katrina


43. Luke


44. Carolina


45. Calypso


46. Marina


48. Zoe


49. Jacob (no photo available)
50. Alexander (no photo available)

Zeus and Zelda: Proud parents



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Simopolis – Conclusion

The Simopolis Family was my only Sim family for a year. I am happy and sad to be writing the final update. As per my previous update, Zeus and Zelda received a vacation. I like to think Zeus took Zelda to Greece, too in love with the country to return. Living their final days basking in the warm sunlight.

I wrote the above paragraph a few weeks ago. I still have nothing to write. Whether it is writers block or sadness for the Simopolis Family’s unintended end, I can not say.

I leave this conclusion with one final picture. This is Jacob Simopolis. I like to think of this picture as a beginning. Somewhere there is a place where all pixelated families that met their unintentional demise fulfill their dreams. A place where all the gliched Legacies, Jacks of Many Trades, and all hard worked Challenges continue.

HAPPY SIMMING my friends.



Hi everyone! I have had my baby. He is healthy and we are all doing well.
The Simopolis Family welcomed the addition of Generations with open arms. Then came the “Free Vacation”option for Zeus and Zelda. I am sorry to say they did not return. Perhaps the vacation took them to the sea side village in Greece where Zeus grew up…
Yeah…the game glitched crazy and left the entire Sunset Valley UNPLAYABLE!!!
I do have the pictures for my final update…*sniff* I will try and post it soon.
Thanks for reading!


Zeus Simopolis- Log 29

Carolina and Calypso were born on a quite night.


They were darling girls, and of course, very smart. Zelda and I were very successful at teaching the girls to talk.

“Make sure the boys give you flowers”, I told Calypso.

“Flowers”, she repeated.

“Make sure the boys give you jewelry”, Zelda winked at me as she spoke to Carolina.

“Jewelry”, Carolina repeated.

Carolina loved being held.


Luke, my little ladies man, was turning into a young adult. He had been looking forward to his birthday for weeks.


He was pleased with the way he grew up.

“Look out ladies!”, I heard him say in the mirror.


“Dad, I’m going out tonight, wanna join me?”, he asked me.

“No, thanks. I have another meeting tomorrow, and I need to make sure I’m ready.” I replied.

So, Luke went to Privilege. He was quite dissapointed to see the only pretty girls were, in fact, his sisters.


Luke danced for a little while.

He danced until he noticed how thirsty he was. He sat down at the bar, and was about to order a drink when he did a double take. The bartender was really cute!

“What can I get you?”, she asked.

He tried the smolder look.


She giggled. “Sweetheart, your cute, but I’m pretty busy. You gonna order or not?”

Luke felt a little rejected. “I’d like a gin and tonic”, he replied.

She smiled and prepared his drink.

He finished his drink and noticed the place had picked up a bit. He started conversing.


He and Morgana really hit it off. She asked him for his number. He gladly wrote the digits.


He leaned in a little closer and whispered,”Make sure and call me…if you need anything.”

Morgana blushed. “I can think of a few things.”

And so they began kissing. They kissed until the sun came up.


Morgana sighed. “I have to stop by work for a little bit. Can I come by your place later?”

“Of course. I’ll be waiting,” Luke replied. “Do you need directions to my house?”

“Oh, no”, she giggled. “Everyone knows where you live.”

They kissed good bye, and parted ways.

Luke took a shower and laid in bed. He drifted off to sleep. The door bell rang.

It was Morgana. He pulled her close and embraced her in a long kiss.


“If you were any better at that, I wouldn’t be able to stand”, she said.

“Well, let’s go to the hot tub. I’ll make it better and you won’t have to worry about standing”, he said softly.


And course the kissing got better and led to a more intimate activity.

It got late fast. “I have to go home, Luke”, she said.

“I understand”, he said as he kissed her shoulder. “Maybe we can get together soon?”

“I’d like that.” She stood up and began to leave.


I was walking in the door, when a very giddy Morgana was walking out. What is Morgana Wolff doing here-oh, no…

I found Luke in a lounge chair. “Luke, I’m not trying to get in your personal business, but why was Morgana Wolff here?”

Luke blushed a little and cleared his throat. “She was…with me.”

I rubbed my face. “Son…I thought I raised you better…”

Luke’s face wrinkled up. “What are you talking about?! I’m an adult. We were just having a little fun…besides, I was…careful.”

“Having a little ‘fun’ isn’t the problem, Morgana is married! I do not approve of unfaithfulness.”

“Married?! Oh.” Luke staggered a little then sat down in the chair. “She never mentioned that. She wasn’t wearing a ring. I honestly had no idea.”

“Well….I…” I really didn’t know what else to tell him.

I patted him on the shoulder and walked back inside.

The next morning I heard Luke in the courtyard. He sounded upset. I looked out to see him on his cell phone.
“….married. No. You did not! I’m sorry, Morgana, I enjoyed your company too, but I will not be involved….Good-bye.” He turned and looked at me. “Thank you dad. I’m glad you told me…before…things got out of hand.”

I was very proud of Luke. “Im sorry I had to be the one to tell you.”

Luke chuckled a little. “Better you than her husband!”

Things went on normally. I was working my way up at work.

Luke was enjoying the single life.


The girls were attending their first day of school.

*sigh* Luke was enjoying the single life…


I was still tired, but Zelda really helped keep my spirits up…

One day I was watching tv, and Luke was working on a sculpture. He had just finished when his phone rang…

“Crimson?! Hey!…. It has been a while! On your own? Oh…roommate? Let me call you back in a few minutes….ok. Bye.”

“Go ahead.” I told Luke. “Just be careful.”

“Thanks dad,” he said as he called Crimson back.

“Hey Crimson. Sounds good. I’ll pack my clothes and come help set up our bachelor pad!”

After hanging up, he came over to me and gave me a big hug. “I love you, dad. I couldn’t have wished for more awesome parents.”

“I love you, too. Now…what can I help you pack?” We laughed and got his stuff squared away.

And then it was time for Luke to go.


The next day was very busy. Calypso (left) and Carolina (right) became teenagers…


…and Zelda gave birth to two more daughters…

As always, than you for reading! 🙂


Luke for Amy…

Ok…I’m on my cell phone…Amy, Luke just aged up to a YA… and might I say he grew up nicely? Do you want him for your story? Or any of my readers…should I put him on the exchange? EDIT: Luke is now available for download! I know it’s early, and Luke’s story will be out soon, but Amy had a casting call…and well, download Luke here



Zeus Simopolis- Log 28

Hello everyone! As we left off, Lydia and Katrina were about to become teenagers. We gave the girls a small party, and of course, we had a lot of fun. The girls were now ready for high school!


Katrina loved visiting the park next door to fish.


And occasionally she would join Lydia in a game of chess.


A few days after they became teenagers, we welcomed Luke into the family.


I was working my way up the science career. Zelda was very helpful with her knowledge of plants.


“Zeus, I have some ice, would you pose for me so I can sculpt you?” Zelda asked one evening.

I was feeling silly, so I walked over by her sculpting bench while she began working with the ice.


The sculpture was great, although it didn’t last long.

“I guess nothing lasts forever, does it?”, I said, one evening as we laid in bed.

“What’s wrong, Zeus?”, she asked.

“Oh, you know me too well…” I said as I held her tight. “Zelda, I just feel tired. All my life, I’ve pushed myself believing I am immortal, but I’m actually starting to feel old…”

“Zeus, you come from a long line, and even I and our children have had the honor of an extended life by being near you, but no, I don’t think we will last forever. I feel myself getting tired too. But, don’t be sad about it! We have accomplished so much, and I’m sure we have more life left in us!”

“I love you, Zelda.”

“I love you too.”

I got up from the bed, got a glass of water and walked out to the courtyard.

I was surprised when Luke came running up to me announcing that he was having a birthday…but time has been flying by these days.


As far as I knew, the girls were doing great.


Zelda continued to master her sculpting.

And I continued working.

I noticed the girls at our bar.

“It’s been fun”, Katrina said. “Are you ready?”

“Of course!”, Lydia said.

They tapped glasses and took a sip.


It was about that time I heard the doorbell. The party had started.

Zeus. You gotta pull it together. You are so worried about missing life, that you ARE missing life… I shook my head. I put on a smile and watched as my children grew up.


“Mom, Katrina and I have been looking online, and well, we found a cute little house across from the beach…”

“…And we have everything ready to move in the morning”, Katrina finished.

“That’s wonderful, ladies!”, Zelda replied.


“So you aren’t mad?” They asked in unison.

“Of course not!”, Zelda answered.

The girls finished their cakes, then, by Zelda’s wishes, found new outfits from her closet.


When the morning came, it was just the three of us.

Luke was painting.


Zelda was reading a book in bed. I laid down next to her. She put the book down and stroked my hair.

“Do you think we, I mean you, can have any more children?”, I asked her.
She looked out the windows. “It has been increasingly difficult…but I don’t see the harm in trying.” She looked back at me and winked.


Luke was a great teenager. There was a certain air about him that ladies loved. He couldn’t go anywhere without drawing attention.


I have a feeling he didn’t mind.


If he wasn’t out in town talking to women, he was in his room working out.


I was having fun experimenting on objects around the house.


And Zelda was enjoying some gardening.


One day a new apprentice was helping in the lab, when they measured incorrectly.


I was not happy.


I went home to get cleaned up. I looked at the clock…I still had enough time…so I hoped on the bike….


…and got a new job.

The next morning, I left for the Business office.


And a beautifully pregnant Zelda watched Luke run to the bus. She couldn’t help but wonder if this would be the last time she would feel the joy of a baby in her womb.


Thank you so much for reading, liking, and commenting on this story! 😀
Join me next time!


Zeus Simopolis-Log 27

Callie Rose called Jessie. “Do you want to meet me at the beach later this evening?”, she asked nervously.

“Sure! Callie, are you ok? You sound a little upset.”, Jessie replied.

“No, no, I’m good. I’ll see you in a little bit…”

Later, she arrived at the beach. She opened her cooler and placed some hot dogs on the grill. Jessie greeted her minutes later.

“Hey Beautiful!”, he said.

Callie nearly jumped out her skin. “Hi, Jessie…”


“Ok, Callie, what’s going on- um…the hot dogs are getting extra crispy…”

She turned and looked at the blackened hot dogs. A large sigh escaped her.


Jessie gently grabbed Callie. “Im going to ask you one more time, what’s wrong?”


“Will you walk on the beach with me?”,she asked.

“Of course I will.”, Jessie replied.

They took each others hand and walked down to the sandy beach.

“so, are you going to tell me what’s on your mind?”

“Yes… just give me a minute…”

They stopped, and Callie turned towards him. “Do you love me”, she asked.

“Yes, Callie! I love you very much, do you love me?”

Callie closed her eyes. She got down in her knee and said, “Jessie, I do love you very much. So much, I’d like to ask you to marry me.”


The next day Amy drove to the fire station. She had just baked a cake for everyone. She layed the cake on the counter and went looking for Paul. She found him upstairs.

“Do you ever leave this place?, she asked, rubbing his shoulders.


Paul looked at her. “I know it seems that way…but we are short handed right now…it’s hard on all of us.”

“I understand. I don’t really mind, it’s just I have something for you….”

“Really? You are so kind. I don’t deserve a girlfriend like you.”

Amy blushed. She opened her purse and took out a black box. Paul looked confused. Amy got to one knee, and said, “I want to be more than your girlfriend….Will you marry me?”


He happily put Amy’s ring on his finger. He reached in his pocket and opened a similar box. “You beat me to it”, he said as he placed a beautiful diamond on Amy’s finger.

“I have an idea”, Amy smiled. “We both have sets of rings, let’s get married right now.”

“I like the way you think! I knew there was a reason I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you!”

And so, Amy and Paul exchanged vows.


That night Callie Rose and Jessie met at the beach and united in their own private ceremony.


I was so happy to see my daughters growing so well. Amy and Callie Rose made me very proud, and as they left my house to move in with their husbands, I shed two tears. One for happiness, and one because I was going to miss them!

Next time: Katrina and Lydia age into teenagers, plus some other news!

Thank you for reading! I know this is a short entry…I am 31 weeks pregnant, and honesty, exhausted! I do try and update as often as I can…but I also have to have the energy to play and get pictures for the entries. 😉 Thanks for your patience! 🙂 Happy Reading and Happy Simming!

Also thought ya’ll might enjoy a picture of Zelda and Zeus dressed as pirates! It’s for a Facebook contest on “The Sims 3 Featured Members”. 🙂