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Zeus Simopolis- Log 8

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Happy Friday!  Time for another Simopolis update. Where shall I begin?  I’ll start with Odysseus. He wasted absolutely no time in wooing Maebe.

And before we could blink, he proposed,

They exchanged vows,  

And left to start their new lives in the morning.

As for my new career:


I’m Sunset Valley’s new Architect. Honestly though, even though it definitely is not stressful, it really isn’t my cup of tea.  It’s more of an interior designer. I think Zelda would prefer this career, as she is more creative than I am. But, I am not a quiter and I have continued this career, and I will continue until I reach the top.  It does have some cool points to it too, though. I have gotten to meet some interesting neighbors…

And I was even able to improve Antonis and Leonidas’ house….I went a little over budget, but I didn’t mind paying the difference.

My son Apollo has been a wonderful teenager. He really loves music…

He blew out the candles that evening.

And so did Perseus.

The next morning I was sad to see Apollo leave.

A few days after Apollo left, I got a call from him. He wanted a new gym built in his new house! I was happy to help! We got to catch up a little too. Apollo told me he got a job at the theater working with Antonis! He was very excited. Even though they didn’t grow up together, family is family.

Zelda has given birth to Yanni:


And he broke the blonde hair pattern that we have had, even though I’m not exactly sure where the black hair came from!

Zelda and I love our big family! We wasted no time in trying for another baby! Of course we had another son… Welcome Achilles.

That night Zelda was determined to try for a girl. We have had 8 boys in a row!!!

She was going to try everything. She changed into a pink outfit,

And she was eating watermelons…some old woman in the park said it would help….We’ll see…

So, as I finish up with this Architect career, I am constantly thinking…

What am I going to do next and will we have girl this time?


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