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3.4 Stopping in Paradise

The flight from Egypt to Crete was short.

To get to Sophia’s I had to take an additional boat ride to the island she lived on.

The water was beautiful, and the boat ride enjoyable.


I saw Sofia waiting for me at the marina as the boat docked.

Butterflies immediately invaded my stomach.

I quickly gathered my luggage and departed from the boat.

She greeted me with a kiss to each cheek.

“Did you have a good trip?”she asked.

Oh, how I’ve missed her.

“Yes. I did, thank you.” I replied.

“Come, let’s go back to my house so you can relax.”

We got in her car and took off.

It was a hard decision to either stare at Sofia, or the beauty of the Greek Island.

Her house was adorable, and everything that I envisioned a Greek villa to look like.

The sun was starting to set and she had a perfect view from her back yard.


“Are you hungry?” Sophia asked.

“Well, maybe just a little.”I said sheepishly.

“How about I make us some salads, then we can go play in the ocean…I trust you have a bathing suit?”

“That sounds wonderful, and yes, thankfully I brought my suit.” I smiled.

I asked her if there was anything I could do to help, and when she replied “No”, I relaxed in a chair outside and listened to the ocean.

We ate our salads outside.

The evening was perfect.

The salads were delicious.

The company was phenomenal.

I helped carry the plates to the kitchen.

We changed into our swim suits and walked out the back gate to the welcoming calm ocean.

“I’ve missed you” Sophia said.


 “Not as much as I’ve missed you.” I replied.

I spun her in my arms and looked into her eyes.


Then, I kissed her.


Thankfully, she kissed me back.

We kissed all the way back inside.

We kissed all the way to the bedroom.

And then we “kissed” for a while longer.



I woke to the sound of beautiful music.

I walked into the living room where Sophia was playing the piano.


“Is there anything you can’t do?” I asked.

She played the last note and turned to smile at me.

“I was going to ask you the same thing.” she said.

She stood up and greeting me with a kiss.


I could soooo get used to this.

“So, what do you want to do today?”she asked.

All I wanted to do was stay in her arms…but I couldn’t forget my other responsibility.

It was time to tell her my secret.

“Sophia, there is actually something I need to talk to you about….”

I proceeded to tell her everything, my ability to talk to ghosts, my job, my problems, and how everything was getting worse.

“Oh, Yanni. What a terrible burden. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Actually, there might be.” I retrieved my cell phone and showed her the pictures I captured from the ancient book. “Is this Greek?”

She studied the pictures.

“It is! Very ancient Greek, but I think I can translate it for you.”

“I couldn’t ask you to do that!”

“It would be my pleasure. I’ll just transfer the images to my laptop and get to work. It shouldn’t take too long.”

“I am very grateful.” I said humbly.

“I’m sure I can think of a reasonable payment.” she said coyly and she kissed me.


I got dressed and went outside.

Finding a chessboard was perfect a perfect way to pass some time.


Then I took a little nap in a lounge chair.

I was awaken by soft kisses.

“I need a break.” Sophia said. “Do you want to go to the beach for a little while?”

She already had her swimsuit on.

“I would love to.” I said.

I quickly changed.

This water was magical.


We enjoyed the sun until we got hungry.

Then we walked up to the house and prepared dinner together.

After dinner, we enjoyed the sunset from the hot tub.


This was paradise.


The next day planned to tell Sophia how much I loved her.

I never heard my phone ring.

But when I listened to my voice mail, I felt the blood drain from my body.

“Yanni, this is your father. Please come home soon. Things are getting worse.”

I would have to leave the next morning.


My head was a whirlwind.

My love for Sophia and my duties in Sunset Valley were conflicting.

I had only one option.


We went to a local tavern for dinner.

I ate my dinner quietly as I sat across a very understanding Sophia.


I paid the bill and we walked over to the water.

“Sophia….”I started.

She looked at me.

“…I have something to ask you.”


I got down on my knee…


“I love you, more than words can express….will you please be my wife and come home with me to Sunset Valley?”

Tears formed in her eyes.

“Oh, Yanni. I love you too…but I can’t…”


“….please understand. I can’t leave Greece for good. It is my duty to stay here.”

I held back my tears.

I held back my rejection.

I only hope no one else heard my heart shatter into a million pieces.

“Ok, Sophia.” was all I could say.

“Please don’t hate me.” Sophia pleaded.

“I will never hate you.”

And I hugged her, quite possibly for the last time.


We drove back to the house in silence.


Morning came quickly .

I gathered my belongings and Sophia handed me a folder with the translated pages.

I thanked her again.

I wanted to kiss her, but I couldn’t.

I wanted to stay in Greece with her, but I couldn’t.

I held her hand and gently squeezed it.

The taxi’s horn beeped impatiently outside.

“Good Bye” I whispered and ran to catch my ride.


Tears ran down her face as I fought to keep mine in.

Once inside the taxi, Sophia and her house quickly became a blur.

I took out my phone with shaking hands and called my parents.

My father answered, sounding out of breath.

I told him I was one my way.

“Please get here soon….it’s your mother…the spirits have done something to her…”




3.2 Good-byes

Sophia was a wonderful distraction from my ghost problem.

It started with a chance encounter at a masquerade party, where we spent most of the evening talking outside.


I gave her my phone number and asked her if I could take her to the Spring Festival.



A week later, we met at the park.

We spent the entire day at the Spring festival.


Having her in my arms felt so right…


“I really enjoy your company” I said to her.

She blushed a little. “I enjoy your company too.”

I couldn’t  resist the urge to kiss her any longer.

“Please don’t get mad at me…” I said.

“For what?”

“For kissing you.”


She looked shocked, then a smile spread across her face.

“I hope to have you kiss me again later.”

“I think I would be happy to.”

We danced to one more song, she twirled gracefully in my arms.


“Can you walk me back to the bakery please?”

“It would be my pleasure.”

My parents happened to be at the festival, and I was going to tell them I was going, but they seemed to be lost in their own moment.


Sophia and I walked back to the shop.

“The bakery is doing very well.” Sophia said, sadly.

“Why do you sound upset about that?” I asked.

“Because, that means it is time for me to go home.”

“You don’t have to go….”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“You could stay here with me.”


“That is very kind of you, but I can’t. I love my country, and miss her very much. I have family there, and a father that I will have to take care of.”

I tried to hide my extreme disappointment.

“How much longer do I have to change your mind?” I asked.

She looked at the ground…”My flight leaves tomorrow…”

“Then I better give you that kiss tonight.” I said as I embraced her.

I pulled her close and kissed her…kissed her like I would never see her again.


She had a tear in her eye as she pulled away.

“Good bye, Yanni…thank you for such a wonderful time.”

“The pleasure was all mine Sophia…”


I started to walk back to my house.

My head was spinning.

Then my phone rang.

These ghosts have the worst timing ever.

In fact, I really wasn’t in the mood to deal with anyone…

I sighed and told the customer I would be right there, since it was actually on my way home.

I got to the house to find a very rude ghost.


“Sorry Buddy,” I said. “I’m just not in the mood for games tonight.”

My work was done, and I walked the rest of the way home.

Mom was painting out in the Gazebo.


I went and sat on the bench.

 She put down her brushes and sat with me.

“What’s the matter sweetheart?” she said lovingly.

 “I had the perfect woman in my arms tonight…”, I started.


I told her everything.

When I finished telling her about Sophia I started telling her about how the ghosts were getting stronger.

She listened carefully.

When I was finished she said, “The problem with Sophia will work itself out, if she is the one for you. I know this for a fact. I know your heart hurts, but right now this ghost issue is your first priority.”


“Yes…it is weighing heavy on me. I can’t just keep going around sucking up ghosts, I need to find out why they are here.”

“Sounds like you have some research to do.” She chuckled.

“Thank you for listening to me.”

“No problem, that’s what I’m here for.Now, this old lady has to go to sleep. Good night.”


“Good night Mom. I love you.”

“I love you too.”


The next morning I rushed to the boat ramp to see Sophia leave, but the boat had already left.



Over the next few weeks, I spent most of my days in the library and online searching for…anything…something…

I was about to give up when I found a lead.

There was a book hidden somewhere in Al Simhara, Egypt.

I photo-copied the page from the book and headed home.

After telling Mom and Dad about what I had found, I began making arrangements.

I packed my suitcase, kissed my parents and told them good-bye.


I was going to Egypt….



3.0 A Visit to Grim


Yup. If there was one word to describe me, it would be Alone.


My “gift” to see and speak to ghosts was known to everyone in town.

I avoided trips to town like the plague.

“Such a shame that FREAK is the heir to the Bluebeard name.” the men would say.

“What a waste of a handsome man.” gossiping women would say.

Sunset Valley used to be such a non-judgmental place, but I guess I was the limit.

I was a disappointment.

My mother constantly tried to cheer me up.


She was so sweet, but deep down she was worried about the future of the family…I could tell.



I was sitting around in my pajamas when I heard a familiar voice, one that only I could hear.

“Yanni, we need to talk.” Grandpa said.


Here comes the “Find a Wife” speech…

“There’s a disturbance in the afterlife.” he said. “It’s almost time to use your gift.”

Nope, it’s the Doomsday speech.


Yes sir. I understand.” I said respectfully.

“Mark my words…you will be needed.” he said as he hugged me.


My family was awesome…at least they all loved me…even the dead ones.

It wasn’t until Grandma Pandora visited me that I actually started to get worried.


“You’re Grandfather’s right, you know…something is not right. It won’t be long now.”

“Check mate.” I said.

She swung her hand across the chess board.

Chess pieces went flying.

“Are you listening?!?!” she asked angrily.

“Yes. I guess I don’t understand what it has to do with me. What do I need to do?”

She sighed. “You’ll have to go to Grim’s house.”

“That creepy place in the graveyard?!”

“That’s the place. Knock 5 times. Tell him who you are, and about your gift…he already knows, but it’s protocol….he has something to give you.”

“How will I know when to go?” I asked.

But Grandma had already left.


3 nights later I was tossing and turning in bed.

I think I was asleep.

I thought I was dreaming.

Suddenly everything was red.

Then there was a voice, a hoarse whisper.

“It   is   tiiiiimeeee.     Viiiiissssiiiiit      meeeee     tooooomoooorroooow”

I sat up. I was sweating and shaking.


I looked at my clock.


There was no way I was going back to sleep.

I got up, put on my jacket and went out to Grandma and Grandpa’s garden.

“I hope you are both ok.” I whispered into the freezing night air.


Thankfully morning came quickly.

I really didn’t want to go to The Grim Reaper’s house, but I guess when he summons you, there is no procrastinating.

I made my way through the dense snow to the graveyard.

I stood in front of the haunting door.


Crap! How many times was I supposed to knock?!?!

Oh yeah. 5. Get it together Yanni!

I knocked. 1…2…3…4…5

The door began to creak open.

The freezing air became colder and every hair on my body stood on end.

My natural instinct was to run.

Grim stood before me.


“Hi….I’m Yanni Bluebeard. I can see and talk to ghosts.”

He said nothing, but lifted his index finger.

He turned around and went inside.

Minutes, or perhaps only seconds passed.

The door opened and Grim appeared holding something that resembled a leaf blower.

He handed it to me.


BANSHEE BANISHER 3000  was written on the side.

“GOOOOOO.” he said, although it may have been the wind.


I guess that means I wasn’t going to get a friendly tutorial.

I quickly turned and left.

When I got home, my mother was waiting.

“What’s going on?” she asked. “Something doesn’t feel right in the air.”

“I don’t really know.” I answered honestly.

I showed her the Banisher and told her about Grandpa, Grandma and the Grim Reaper.


“So, what are you going to do now?” she asked worriedly.

“I guess I wait.” I sighed.

Mom and I both jumped when the house phone rang.

Mom answered it. “Hello.”


“Hi…um…I’d like to speak to the guy that can see ghosts…I think I have a problem….”