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2.2 Going Home

The final report card was delivered early that morning.

Attached was a letter.

I read it over and over.

“Ms. Bianca Bluebeard,

You have excelled in you search for academic knowledge. Sims University is proud to have you as a graduate.

We are so impressed by your efforts, that you will graduate today with one of the highest honors in  Sims University.

Please wear your gown proudly, you have earned it.”



Certainly this had to be a mistake.

Had I really done that much?

I called Jeff and told him the news.

“Congratulations. You totally earned it, and please do not doubt it for a minute!”

“Thank you.”

Other than his praise, he was somewhat short on the phone.

Although our conversation left me slightly confused, I brushed it off and started to get ready for the graduation ceremony.

I started to worry about the letter and hope that I wasn’t going to be expected to give a speech.

I made my way over to the auditorium.

It had begun to rain.

As I noticed my fellow graduates, I noticed I was the only one with a gold sash.


We made our way in, just as the rain started to increase.


The Pomp and Circumstance started.

My name was called.

I was overwhelmed when my graduates honored me with a standing ovation.

I tried to stay humble, but a sense of pride ran through me as well.

I had just graduated college as an artist, and already my name was well known.

The ceremony ended and as I left the auditorium, that sense of pride hit its high.


I was on cloud 9.

I searched the crowd for Jeff.

A few people stopped to congratulate me.

They tried to make small talk, and as much as I wanted to be polite, the fact that I couldn’t find Jeff was really distracting.

I fumbled through my gown and got my phone.

Where are you? I text.

At my house. he replied.

I took a deep breath.

This can’t be good.

I went to his house.

Jeff was sitting on the porch steps.

His eyes were red and puffy.

He stood up as I got close.

“Bianca…I think…I mean… we have to break up.” he said.

“What?” The word barely escaped me. I felt like I had been hit in the stomach. “Why?’

“You are going home tomorrow. To Sunset Valley. I still have one term left.”

“That is not a reason. I love you. Do you think I wouldn’t wait for you?”

No. That’s not it. Once I graduate, I have to go back to Hidden Springs. The Science Facility paid for my college, and I signed a contract.”

“So, you don’t even want to try and make this work?! Don’t you love me?”

“I….I…” he stuttered.

“So this is good-bye?”

“It has to be.”

I turned to leave. I had to. I was about to be overcome with emotions I had never experienced.



The ride home was…I don’t know…long.

All I could think about was my conversation with Jeff.

I had to pull myself together. I hadn’t told my parents I’d gotten dumped.

It was already much colder in Sunset Valley.

Frost glistened on the windows.

I walked through the front door.

“Mom, Dad…I’m home.”


The smell of Home was almost as comforting as my parent’s loving embrace.


“It’s good to have you home.” Dad said.

“It’s good to be home.” I replied, holding back tears.

Mom noticed.

Hopefully she would just think I they were tears of joy, not heartbreak.


A week went by.

I knew I wasn’t acting like myself, but I was trying.

For whatever reason, my parents hadn’t asked about Jeff.

I didn’t know who I was kidding anyway…Mom was a fortune teller.

My phone rang.

Please let it be Jeff.

It was Victoria.

She asked me to watch my nephew so she and Fausto could go on a date.

I happily obliged.

Brent was adorable, and a very good baby.


As I tucked him into his crib, I found myself secretly envious of my sister.


I wanted a family.


Winter passed quickly and the days were getting warmer.

I was working on a portrait of dad enjoying the sounds of the evening rain.

Screenshot-51 (2)

Mom cleared her throat.

“Bianca, may I talk to you?” she asked.

I put down my paints. “Of course.”

“Bianca, you have to let Jeff go. I am so sorry he hurt you, but I think you should move on.”

Screenshot-52 (2)

I knew this was coming.

“I’m not ready Mom. I don’t know if I will ever feel like that again, or if I ever want to feel like this again.”

Screenshot-53 (2)

“There’s a really cute new cook at your father’s diner…”

“Mom. I’m not ready. I thought Jeff was the one.” I couldn’t help the tears now. “The one I was going to have a family with.”

Mom hugged me tight. “Ok baby. You know what you’re doing. I’m here if you need me.”

She released me from her motherly embrace.

I felt like such a failure.

Screenshot-54 (2)

And failing scared me.

Screenshot-56 (2)


It was Dad’s birthday.

I really tried to have a good time.


The new cook, Danny, was at the party. He kept winking at me….it was really starting to annoy me.

He was not impressing me.

And he wasn’t cute either.

At least the cake looked good.

Screenshot-50 (2)

I was about to take my first bite when the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it.” I volunteered.

It was Jeff.Screenshot-58 (2)



2.1 Are Those Butterflies?

Not only did I pass my mid-terms, I made Dean’s List.

Relief washed over me.

It was time to celebrate-my way.


Why no one was at the beach, I had no idea.

The weather was perfect.

The sun felt warm on my body, and the fresh water cooled it down.


I was thoroughly enjoying myself.



I found myself reflecting on my young adult life.

In a way, I found myself lonely.

A few of my roommates were probably wrapped in the arms of their boyfriend or girlfriend, while I was here, on the beach, by myself.

To be honest though, no one had ever caught my eye.

I’ve never had a boyfriend.

As evening approached, I gathered my things and headed back to the dorm.

I still had time for one more painting before bedtime.


School was going well.

Without any distractions, I was the model student.

I hadn’t really noticed the passing of time.

It wasn’t until I was sitting in my favorite spot by the pond that I felt the crisp autumn air, and realized that the leaves I stare at everyday had changed colors.


Perhaps I  was  spending too much time studying…


The next day the teacher called me to the front of the class.

“Ms. Bianca, can you please draw a comparison chart of what mediums you would use on heavy weight paper.”

I nervously approached the billboard.

Although I thought this was basic information, my classmates eagerly listened to me.


The days were getting shorter and I exited class, evening was fast approaching.

I wouldn’t have time to walk to my spot by the pond for  today’s sketch.

I decided to walk across the lawn to the small water feature.

It was inspiring enough.

I took out my paper and got lost somewhere between my paper and pencil.

It was no surprise that when I heard a voice say ‘I like your drawing”, that I jumped.


I turned around to see who was speaking to me.

There was a( rather cute) young man standing behind me.

I blushed.

He held out a hand as to help me up.

“I’m sorry”, he said. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

I took his hand and stood up.

“It’s ok. I get lost in my work sometimes.”


We introduced.

His name was Jeff, and he was definitely cute.

We tried talking.

He was from Hidden Springs.

A Science Major.

The guitar player was quite loud though, and it was getting late.


“Can we meet-” we both said at the same time.

“Tomorrow?” he asked. “At the coffee shop?”

“Sounds perfect.”

Screenshot-10 (2)

I may have skipped back to the dorm, like a little girl.

For the first time in my life, I think I had butterflies.

I was thinking about his eyes and adorable freckles.

I couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

Of course it was Wednesday, and it seemed all my professors were extra long-winded.

Hurry up! I HAVE A DATE!!!

Finally classes were over.

I ran to the coffee shop.

I managed to walk in, just as it started to drizzle outside.

I looked around and spotted Jeff on a small couch in the back corner.

“Hi.” he said as I sat down.

He seemed nervous.

“Hi.” I replied.

I was nervous.


The aroma of coffee beans was relaxing.

“It is much more quiet here.” I observed.

“Ye, it is. And well lit…you are stunning…” he said, almost whispering.

“Thank you.” I said. “You are quite handsome yourself.”

We quickly went back to small talk.

I told him about my family, about my love of art, and my adoration of cats.

“I love cats” he said.



“Yes, I have two at home, I really miss them.”

“So, do you have a girlfriend at home too?”

“Me?! No. Girls don’t really talk to me. I still trying to figure out if I’m dreaming right now.”

I teasingly pinched him.

We sat and talked until closing time.

As we walked outside, Jeff opened an umbrella and we stood underneath it.

I really wanted to kiss him…but it was only pretty much our first date.

I looked down instead.

“Thank you for the nice evening.” I said. “Can we meet again?”

“Yes. I’d like that.”

He offered to escort me back to the dorm.

We walked in silence, only the sound of rain around us.

We might not have kissed that night, but we held hands all the way to my dorm.

We meet at the coffee shop every night that week.

By Saturday, I couldn’t resist any more.

He was on a tangent about suspicious plant matter, and I  was staring at his lips.

I leaned over and kissed him.



We both blushed.

It was my first kiss, and apparently his.

We kissed a few more times…

The barista came over and said “Y’all are going to have to take the lip party somewhere else.”

We laughed and got up.

One more kiss, for good measure.


I didn’t hear from him on Sunday.

I couldn’t believe how sad that made me.


I found him in the park Monday.

He was headed to class.

“You want to come over after class?” I asked.


“Sounds like a date.”

He came over.

We mainly cuddled on the bed.


Although neither of us were ready to take our relationship to that level yet, I had a brilliant idea of something fun to do.


And there was some kissing too…


I felt wonderful.


I was a day away from completing my degree.

Finals were bittersweet for me.

I thought Jeff and I were in love, but he got really quiet whenever I tried to ask about our future together.

I was beginning to have my doubts.

I took my tests confidently, and as the sun set that Friday, so it was my last day as a student at Sims University.



Ok. Here is a bonus picture. Although this picture looks kind of silly in the story, I can’t help but share it. It really cracks me up. 

Thank you for reading! 🙂



2.0 Lessons Learned

The drive seemed like it was taking forever.

I looked out the taxi window just in time to see a sign for Sim’s University.

We were getting close.

The taxi driver took the next exit.

I started to feel dizzy.

To be honest, I was on an emotional overload.

Excited one second, nervous the next. Ambitious. Scared. Homesick…homesick?!?

The taxi came to a stop in front of the dorms.

“All ashore who’s going ashore.” the driver chuckled.

I sighed. “I guess that would be me.”

I paid my fair and got my luggage.


Am I really here?

I hid behind the dorm’s bulletin board.

I watched as fellow students arrived. They all seemed nervous too.


I can do this!

I walked into the foyer.

Fresh paint and PineSol filled the air.

I took out the piece of paper with my room number on it.

I found my room and sat my stuff down.

Courageousness took a hold of me.

Unpacking can wait, there are new people to meet!


I mingled a little inside, then stepped outside to the backyard.

“Hey! Wanna pick up that paddle? We got time for a quick game.”

I had never played Ping Pong before…but I was a natural!


I was eager to get to the Student Union building to check out my class schedule, so after a promise to continue, I headed out.

As I walked through the door, I was almost attacked by a llama!


“My apologies!” the school mascot said.

“No worries.”

I walked over to the Art Major’s table.

A lady stood up.

“Hi, and welcome. I am Professor Tabitha.”
“Hi. I am Bianca Bluebeard.”


Ah, Bianca. I recall your art submission for enrollment. I look forward to working with you.”

“Thank you, Professor. I am ready to learn.” We chuckled.

I am such a dork!

She handed me my schedule.

Wow. Why did I sign up for this many credits this term?!?

I hope I am ready…

The first day of class was a rainy one.

The fragrant smell of  wet grass greeted me as I was running to class.


It was still raining as I ran to my second and third class.


By the time the day was done, it had finally stopped raining, which is good because I was too tired to run back to the dorm.


The next day was lecture day.

I did my best to stay awake.


Some of my classmates were not as successful.


The rest of my day was free.

I found a nice quiet spot by the pond and got out my sketch book.


It was so relaxing and peaceful.

I drew until my hand and fingers cramped up.

Then I found a chair and pulled out a book. It was definitely too nice to go back to the dorm.


Wednesday was another day crammed with classes.

Then came Thursday. Another beautiful day, and we had class outside.


That evening I ventured out.

I found a little pub with a stage and a guitar.



I quickly got into a routine.

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays were pretty busy.

Tuesdays, I relaxed by the pond.

Thursdays I went and played guitar.

Time was going by so quickly, mid-term finals were next week!

I felt confident that I was going to ace my tests.

For  whatever reason, a few classmates decided to throw a party the night before finals, and I was invited.


The attire was swimwear.


There was no pool.

I shrugged it off and grabbed a drink.


And another and another.

Then my memory gets fuzzy…


I may have drank too much.


The next morning I found myself on a couch.

My head hurt.

The alarm on my cell was going off.

That only meant one thing.

It was time for finals.

I stumbled to get ready and made it to class just in time.

I sat at the desk.

My head was pounding.

The Professor looked at me sternly as she handed me my test.

I looked at the paper and the word blurred together.

I did my best and hurried to the next class, grabbing a bit to eat out of a vending machine.

I finished test two.

The Professor stopped me after class and thanked me for being such a good student.


I felt horrible, and hoped my breath didn’t still smell like it tasted.

One last test.

I was beyond exhausted.


I finished.

Now to make it to my bed.

I slept most of Saturday.

I am never drinking again!

I was about to enjoy a nice salad when I heard my name.

“Bianca Bluebeard. Here is your report card.”

I was scared to look.

I opened the envelope.

Took out the paper.