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3.0 A Visit to Grim


Yup. If there was one word to describe me, it would be Alone.


My “gift” to see and speak to ghosts was known to everyone in town.

I avoided trips to town like the plague.

“Such a shame that FREAK is the heir to the Bluebeard name.” the men would say.

“What a waste of a handsome man.” gossiping women would say.

Sunset Valley used to be such a non-judgmental place, but I guess I was the limit.

I was a disappointment.

My mother constantly tried to cheer me up.


She was so sweet, but deep down she was worried about the future of the family…I could tell.



I was sitting around in my pajamas when I heard a familiar voice, one that only I could hear.

“Yanni, we need to talk.” Grandpa said.


Here comes the “Find a Wife” speech…

“There’s a disturbance in the afterlife.” he said. “It’s almost time to use your gift.”

Nope, it’s the Doomsday speech.


Yes sir. I understand.” I said respectfully.

“Mark my words…you will be needed.” he said as he hugged me.


My family was awesome…at least they all loved me…even the dead ones.

It wasn’t until Grandma Pandora visited me that I actually started to get worried.


“You’re Grandfather’s right, you know…something is not right. It won’t be long now.”

“Check mate.” I said.

She swung her hand across the chess board.

Chess pieces went flying.

“Are you listening?!?!” she asked angrily.

“Yes. I guess I don’t understand what it has to do with me. What do I need to do?”

She sighed. “You’ll have to go to Grim’s house.”

“That creepy place in the graveyard?!”

“That’s the place. Knock 5 times. Tell him who you are, and about your gift…he already knows, but it’s protocol….he has something to give you.”

“How will I know when to go?” I asked.

But Grandma had already left.


3 nights later I was tossing and turning in bed.

I think I was asleep.

I thought I was dreaming.

Suddenly everything was red.

Then there was a voice, a hoarse whisper.

“It   is   tiiiiimeeee.     Viiiiissssiiiiit      meeeee     tooooomoooorroooow”

I sat up. I was sweating and shaking.


I looked at my clock.


There was no way I was going back to sleep.

I got up, put on my jacket and went out to Grandma and Grandpa’s garden.

“I hope you are both ok.” I whispered into the freezing night air.


Thankfully morning came quickly.

I really didn’t want to go to The Grim Reaper’s house, but I guess when he summons you, there is no procrastinating.

I made my way through the dense snow to the graveyard.

I stood in front of the haunting door.


Crap! How many times was I supposed to knock?!?!

Oh yeah. 5. Get it together Yanni!

I knocked. 1…2…3…4…5

The door began to creak open.

The freezing air became colder and every hair on my body stood on end.

My natural instinct was to run.

Grim stood before me.


“Hi….I’m Yanni Bluebeard. I can see and talk to ghosts.”

He said nothing, but lifted his index finger.

He turned around and went inside.

Minutes, or perhaps only seconds passed.

The door opened and Grim appeared holding something that resembled a leaf blower.

He handed it to me.


BANSHEE BANISHER 3000  was written on the side.

“GOOOOOO.” he said, although it may have been the wind.


I guess that means I wasn’t going to get a friendly tutorial.

I quickly turned and left.

When I got home, my mother was waiting.

“What’s going on?” she asked. “Something doesn’t feel right in the air.”

“I don’t really know.” I answered honestly.

I showed her the Banisher and told her about Grandpa, Grandma and the Grim Reaper.


“So, what are you going to do now?” she asked worriedly.

“I guess I wait.” I sighed.

Mom and I both jumped when the house phone rang.

Mom answered it. “Hello.”


“Hi…um…I’d like to speak to the guy that can see ghosts…I think I have a problem….”



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2.8 Aiden and Yanni

The twins were growing up well.

They both had good grades.

They both kept their room clean.

They both did their homework and ate all their dinner.

But only Yanni had a girlfriend.

Her name was Lydia.


She was a nice girl, and Yanni seemed to really like her.


I will say Aiden seemed a little jealous, but I was certain he would meet a nice girl too.


One day after school the boys went over to Lydia’s house.

She needed some help rearranging the furniture in her bedroom.

“Thank you both so much for your help.” Lydia said.


“Anything for a pretty lady.” Aiden winked.


“Dude, do you mind?!” Yanni said. “I don’t appreciate you flirting with my girlfriend.”


The tension in the room was thick enough to cut with a knife.

Lydia cleared her throat.

“Alright, boys…calm down. I’m sure Aiden wasn’t trying to flirting with me.” Lydia said.

“Nope…not at all…” Aiden said. “In fact, I’m going to go ahead and head home.”


Aiden left, perhaps unintentionally slamming the front door.

Lydia was slightly dismayed.

“Anyway..”she said rolling her eyes. “So, it looks like it’s just me and you now. My parents won’t be home for at least ten minutes…and I got a new flavor chap stick you should try.”



Yanni was in the shower.

Aiden used Yanni’s phone to send Lydia a text message.

“Meet me behind Bowlerama”

“Aiden? Where’s Yanni?” Lydia asked.


“Lydia. I can’t get you out of my mind.”

Lydia looked slightly confused.

 Aiden handed her a beautiful bouquet of flowers.


“What about Yanni?!” Lydia said.


“Yanni will always be my brother…but I don’t want to be without you.” Aiden replied

Then he kissed her.


Yanni had never kissed her like that before…maybe she  had picked the wrong brother…

So, she did what anyone in her predicament would do….

She kissed back.


Meanwhile, back at home, Yanni was about to text Lydia when he noticed a text….that he didn’t remember sending….


He tried calling Lydia, but it rang and rang until it went to voice mail.

“Lydia. Hi. It’s Yanni… call me when you get this please.”


But she never even heard it ring…



Things were a bit awkward after that.

Lydia always seemed busy when Yanni wanted to take her out.

And Aiden always had somewhere to go….

Yanni started to get suspicious.

We were all eating breakfast one Friday when Yanni asked if he could spend the night at a friend’s house.

I agreed.

That evening Lydia stopped by.

Aiden answered the door and they walked outside.

They started flirting out by the garage…


Yanni had heard enough.

It was as he figured.

He emerged from the side of the garage and cleared his throat.

“Lydia, I think it’s time you go home.” Yanni said.

She was speechless.

Although she was in love with Aiden, she still kinda loved Yanni too, and felt bad for hurting him.

She promptly left.

Aiden followed Yanni inside.

When they were in their room Yanni couldn’t hold his tongue any more.

“How could you  do this to me?!” He yelled.


“I…I…” Aiden stuttered. “I love her!” he retorted.


This infuriated Yanni.

He really did try to count to ten to calm down…


Counting didn’t help.

He lounged at Aiden.


I heard the commotion and ran into the room.

“WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE?!?!” I yelled.

They stopped fighting and continued to gaze at each other.


“I believe I asked a question, gentlemen.” I said sternly.

“Yes ma’am.” Yanni replied.”You see, Aiden has been seeing Lydia behind my back.”

I looked at Aiden. “Is this true?”

“Yes.” he said.

“Aiden. I am VERY disappointed in you. You should never do that to family, especially your twin brother.”


“But, I love her. We were meant for each other.”

“Be that as it may, you handled it completely wrong.” I honestly didn’t know what else to say. “I imagine you are going to have to work pretty dang hard to get your brother to EVER trust you again. You two work it out, but in a civil manner. NO MORE FIGHTING!”

“You can have her.” Yanni said disgusted. “I’m going to go sleep in the other room.”


Life was slightly more difficult.

Aiden and Lydia continued to date.

Yanni was quiet.

Then it was graduation day.

“Yanni. I know I did you wrong. If it weren’t for you, I might not have ever met Lydia.”Aiden said.

Yanni cringed at her name.

“I want to ask your forgiveness, and your blessing…I want to ask her to marry me.”


Yanni looked surprised.

His shoulders slumped.

“I wish you two the best, Aiden.” he replied.

Later that evening Aiden and Lydia were out enjoying the snow.

“Lydia, I know the way we met was wrong, but you’re the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me.”


She blushed.

He got down on one knee.

“Will you marry me?”


“Oh, Aiden…I was worried you were going to ask me tonight.” Lydia said.

Aiden stood up feeling rejected.

“So, is that a No?”

“I want to marry you, I do, but I got a job offer today….but it’s in Bridgeport.”

“You don’t want me to go?”

“You don’t have to stay?”

“I’d go anywhere for you.”

“Then Yes! Yes! How about now?”

Aiden laughed.

“Sounds perfect!”


I guess everything happens for a reason.

I wasted so much time worrying about choosing one of my children as an heir, when there was never anything to worry about.

Yanni will do great things, I’m sure.


I’d like to wish all my readers a Happy New Year! Thank you for reading!