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Zeus Simopolis-Log 24


“Hi Tasha. This is Kia Ling. I’m here! Can you please give me directions to the winery?”

Kia wrote the directions and looked forward to the shoot in the morning. She decided that the evening would best be spent relaxing.

Kia took a vespa to the winery in the morning. Tasha gave her a quick tour and introduced her to the photographer.

Kia was a natural. The photo shoot didn’t take long.

“Meet me here tomorrow and we can go have lunch together, ok?” Tasha said to Kia and they were heading out.

“I’d love to!” Kia replied.

It was quite early, so Kia decided to do some exploring.
She found a horrible trap…


Thank goodness I didn’t explore before the photo shoot! Kia thought to herself.

She backtracked and found a bathroom. She locked the door and cleaned up the best she could. She then snuck back to the hotel and spent the rest of the evening in her room.

The next morning Kia got up and got ready to go to the winery. She wanted to get there a little early and see about shipping some equipment home for Zelda.

The man behind the counter was very cute. “Hello! My name is Gustave.”he said in a thick French accent. Kia felt her cheeks turn red. “You must be Mrs. Simopolis.”

“Miss Simopolis…” Kia said, definitely blushing. “I’m not married.”


Gustave raised his eyebrows and just as he was about to say something, Tasha came around the corner.

“Oh, good! You’re here! I’m about to starve! Let’s go grab lunch.” Tasha exclaimed.

Kia glanced at Gustave and gave him a short wave good-bye.

“So…” Kia worked up some courage, “…what do you know about Gustave?”

Tasha put her fork down. She glanced at Kia smirking a little. “Uh, oh. Someone thinks he’s cute?”

“Well…yes.” giggled Kia.

“He’s a good guy. Good family, too.”

“He has a family?” Kia said disappointedly. “Like a wife, and kids?”

“No, no! I mean his parents.” Silly me!”

They laughed like school girls.

“Well, I’ve got to get back. Gustave has probably already left for the day, but his shift starts at noon tomorrow.” Tasha winked.

Kia giggled a “Thank you.” Tasha headed back to work and Kia took a look through some shops. She grabbed a few local cookbooks and other momentos. She headed back to the hotel and sat in the courtyard with a book.


The next morning she found herself getting ready to visit the winery again.

She walked in the winery and saw a smile on Gustave’s face. She walked up to him. “Hi, again.” she said.

“Hello beautiful”, he replied. “Would you like a tour?”

Even though Tasha had already shown her around, she let Gustave give her another tour. She was really enjoying talking with him, she could listen to that accent all day!

They returned to the front. “Thank you”, she said.

“No, thank you.” Gustave said as he pulled her into a hug. She melted in his arms.

“So a beautiful lady like you must have all the men chasing you.”

“Well, no, not really. I actually only went on my first date last week”, she admitted. “I’ve never even been kissed.”

“No. I don’t believe it. Prove it. Kiss me now.”

Kia blushed. And then she kissed him.


Gustave grinned. “With a little practice, you might be pretty good at that.” He pulled her close and before she knew it, they were kissing passionately. She was in heaven. He was a great kisser. She was quite caught up in the kiss when she heard a familiar sound. Her heart sank as she heard it again. CLICK CLICK CLICK
Kia was so tired of the paparratzi. Too late now.. she thought. She freed herself from Gustave’s embrace. The paparratzi had already fled.

“Hmmm…”, he said. “Looks like we should practice your kissing a little more privately.”

“Yes. I guess so.”

“I’m off tomorrow. Let’s spend the day together.”

“Ok.” Kia gave him her hotel name and room number. “I’ll see you tomorrow, then.”

She couldn’t help but think of Theodore on her way up to her room.

She was in the tub when she heard a knock on the door.
She wrapped up in her towel and yelled “JUST A MINUTE!” She stumbled to the door, looked out the peep hole and saw Gustave waiting. She opened the door.

“Miss Simopolis, you look exquisite in a towel.”

“Um…thank you. Why don’t you come in and have a seat. I’ll be ready in five minutes.”

He walked in. She hesitated. He grabbed her sweetly and they began to kiss….

Kia never got dressed that day.

The day came for her vacation to end. Gustave drove her quietly to the airport. At the terminal, the didn’t say anything, just embraced.

A week went by. No one called her. Not Theodore and not Gustave.

A few evenings later, Kia was in the back yard. She heard the doorbell. It was Theodore.

“Glad you made it home safely”, he said coldly.

“Hello to you too.” Kia said. “I tried to call you the other day. You missed our date…”

“Date? Why would I take you on a date?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t play innocent with me. Next time you want to go to another country to lock lips with some man, don’t go getting someone’s hopes up!”


Kia looked at Theodore. She didn’t have much to say.

“Good-bye Kia.” Theodore said. He walked to his car and sped off.

It really bothered me to see Kia so depressed. She spent a lot of time practicing her martial arts. I tried talking with her, but she didn’t have anything to say.

I answered to door one morning to a young man, and a very, very large box. “Is Miss Simopolis here, please?”, the young man asked, with a heavy accent.

“Yes. One moment.” He looked familiar, for some reason. I found Kia. “There is someone here to see you.”

She ran to the door. “GUSTAVE! What are you doing here?!”

“I came to personally ensure safe delivery of your wine making equipment”, he winked.

She leaped into his arms.

He spent a few days with us- or should I say with Kia.


Then one morning I heard arguing followed by Gustave walking out the door with his bag.

Kia was crying in her room. I walked in. “Can I do anything?”

“I told him we were having a baby”, she said between sobs.

I felt my face get red. I quickly calmed down and hugged my daughter. “We’re here for you. Whatever you need.”

“Thank you.”

That night Zelda and I were in the living room. Kia came out of her room with packed bags. I stood up.

“What’s going on, baby?” I asked.

“I found a place. I got myself into this, I have to do this on my own. Thank you for your support. I love you both so much.”

“We will always be here for you.” I said.

We all hugged, and Kia Ling left for her new house.


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Zeus Simopolis – Log 23

“So, what is the plan?” I asked Kia as we were somewhere over the Pacific ocean.

Kia looked at me. “I just want to see different cultures, and meet people not from Sunset Valley.”

“Like a man?” I winked.

Kia blushed a little. “That would be nice. I’m not getting younger, and I even though I know I still have time, I do want a family.”

“I understand. I always wanted a family, too. It’s in your genes.”

Kia smiled at me.

“I tell you what. I have a few things I would like to do on this little trip. I’ll let you do your own thing, and if you need me, just let me know.”

“Ok, Baba. Sounds like a plan.”
She laid her head back and closed her eyes. I did the same, and was soon fast asleep.

The plane landed and we got settled. I went to the market and enjoyed looking at the stores.
Kia went to the Martial Arts Academy and started practicing.


The young man started taking pictures of Kia. Oh man. How do they recognise me here? she thought to herself.

Well he is kinda cute… Kia stopped practicing and attempted to speak to him. He bowed his head and quickly ran off. Confused and a bit tired, Kia headed back to the hotel.
By the next morning, everyone knew we were there.
A handsome man stopped Kia and asked for her autograph.


But, when she tried to talk to him, he just blushed and ran off.

Kia found that she was spending a lot of time signing autographs.


Again she tried speaking to a young man who was capturing every move she made.


“I’m sorry, Miss, but I must go.” And he ran off.

Kia did a breath check. What the hell is wrong with me?!

She went to the Academy, and practiced and practiced.

I was asked to bring my guitar to the local market and play. I had a lot of fun, and was getting quite good! I was due for a career change on our return home, and decided on the music career. I couldn’t wait!

We only had a few days left on our vacation. Kia and I sat at the table together.

“So… how’s meeting a nice guy going?” I asked playfully.

“I’d rather not talk about it-Hey, do you want to go to the Academy with me and give me your opinion on my moves?”



“Not as good as your old man, but your learning very well!” I said, after a sparring match.

“Thanks”, Kia said, with a shortness of breath.

Our little trip ended, and we had a safe flight home.
“Did you have fun?” I asked her before we walked inside.

“Yes. Thank you”, she replied a gave me a big hug.

The next day I went to the theater and started my music career.

Kia went out that evening.


Kia tried introducing herself to a few people.


But, they seemed to have excuses and other places to go…

Kia walked up to the bar.
“Im something bothering you Miss Simopolis?”

“I just don’t understand why every man I talk to doesn’t give me the time of day.” Kia admitted.

“Just be patient dear.” the kind bartender said.

Kia decided she was right. She walked over to the dancefloor and started to feel the beat of the music.


Kia was enjoying the music. She felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around to see a handsome man.

“Hi. I’m Theodore”,he said. “By any chance are you planning on coming to this club again?”

“Excuse me?” Kia questioned.

“Well, it just that it’s about to close, and I only just got the courage to come over here and ask you to dance.” He replied.

Kia relaxed a little. “Oh, I see. I’m sure if I was asked to come back, I might consider it.”

“How about Friday night?”

“Sounds like a date- um, a plan.” Kia chuckled nervously. “I’ll meet you here at 10.”


“See you then.” Theodore said, as he took her hand and kissed it.

The rest of the week went slow. Kia got a phone call.
“Miss Simopolis, this is Tasha, and I work for a winery in France.”

Kia pulled the phone from her ear and looked at it, puzzled. She put it back to her ear, “How may I help you?”

“Well, I noticed your picture in a tabloid here, and decided you have the perfect look to promote a new line of wine we are about to introduce…”

“Hmm… I have always wanted to see France…” Kia replied.

“Perfect. Can you leave Monday? I’ll have everything arranged for you here.”

“Ok…”. Kia was still a little sceptical, but she and Tasha talked a bit more, and discussed all the details. By the time the conversation was over, she was totally excited to go to France.

Kia pulled up to Privilege and immediately noticed Theodore waiting for her.

He waved. “Good evening!” he called.

Kia walked up to him and returned the greeting. The stood outside and talked for a bit. Finally, Kia asked him if he was single…


“I am…for now”, he winked. “Come on, let’s go inside and have some fun.”

It was a beautiful night. They had a few drinks, danced a little, and suddenly Theodore said “Let’s go swimming! Look at the pool. It’s perfect!” Before Kia could say anything, Theodore was talking his clothes off and getting in the pool naked!


As difficult as it was to keep her eyes off of him, she ran to her car and grabbed her bathing suit. Not only was she a little modest, but she did not need her naked on the front of tomorrow’s tabloid!

She changed and joined him in the pool. A few other people thought he had the right idea, stripped and jumped in the pool. This was turning into a crazy night!


Kia snuck out of the pool and grabbed Theodore’s clothes!


She hide behind a corner “THEODORE!” She chuckled.

He got out of the pool. The bartender threw him a towel. “In the pool is one thing…but you need to cover up”, she said.

Theodore went looking for Kia, but Kia had snuck around him.


She snuck up behind him,giggled, and handed him his clothes. He got dressed and they sat on a couch and talked.

“I’ve had a great time tonight, Kia.” He said.

“Me too!”

“Can I take you to dinner Monday?”

“I would love to- wait. I can’t. I’ll be in France for 2 weeks.”

Theodore looked upset. “Oh. I see. Well, maybe when you get back.”

“It’s a date.” Kia replied.

Next update, Kia goes to France…. what adventures await?


Zeus Simopolis- Log 22

The funeral was arranged. The house was so different. We were all in a daze…I missed China badly, and Zelda was having a very hard time.


I was hoping the funeral would provide some closure. Help to make the fact that China was gone. Unfortunately, it only made things harder.


We all tried to stay strong for Zelda.

Even the young man that found her came to pay his respects. Zelda tried asking him if he remembered anything else about that night.


“No ma’am,” he replied quietly.

“Zelda”, I whispered as I hugged her, “she’s gone. I know how hard this is, for all of us, but we will be strong and get through it. That doesn’t mean we ever have to forget our precious China.”

She looked at me with tears in her eyes. “You’re right. It’s just so hard to accept the fact that no one knows what happened to her.”

“It is. It really is.”

“I want to build a park next to the house, and lay China to rest there. A memorial of sorts.”

“That sounds like an excellent idea… but we will need to remodel the house, too.”

“We can tear in down and build a new one.”

“Ok. I’ll call Kosmas and see if we can stay with them for a little while.”

“I’ll go look at some house plans.”
And so it was decided. While the builders worked on our new house, Zelda started planting some of her best plants in what would soon be “China Simopolis Memorial Park”.

The house was complete. Let me show you around.
Here is the floor plan.




The right side- Kitchen/den

The master bedroom and bath


The middle- Living room

The left- Office/Library


And down the hall are 3 bedrooms, and 2 1/2bathrooms


And my favorite, the courtyard


Directly to the left of our lot was China’s park.


Everyone loved the new house.
Shortly after we got settled in, it was Kia and Xristos’ birthday.

I did witness a tear roll down Kia’s check as she made wish.


And Xristos was a nice looking teenager.


And after much trying, may I present to you, Amy and Callie Rose.


One evening Kia came up to me. “Baba, will you take me to Shang Simla, please. I want to go, but I don’t want to go alone. Xristos said he will help mom with the girls.”

“I think that can be arranged. Let me speak with your mom, and I’ll let you know.”

Zelda thought it was a great idea. “It will be a nice break for you, and when you get back, you start the Music career like you have been talking about.”

So, Kia and I were going on a little trip. We sat and waited for our ride to the airport.

I hope you like the new house! Join me next time to read about Kia. Will she find love in Shang Simla? Thank you for reading!

Also, please let me know if you would like the house or Kia Ling on the exchange!


Zeus Simopolis-Log 21

Hello everyone. This is a difficult log to post… but let me begin.

Kosmas was retrieving treasure when a mummy snuck up behind him.

“GET OUTTT!!!” The mummy yelled as he attacked Kosmas.


The mummy knocked Kosmas out. Kosmas came to, but could still hear the mummy shuffling his feet in the tomb. Kosmas remained still until the room was quiet. He carefully opened his eyes and saw he was alone. He got to his feet and left the pyramid, a little shaken, but thankful for his life.

We were glad to see him home a week early.

I was for the most part, enjoying the political career. Zelda loved it, as I put her in charge of planning my campaign fundraising parties. Plus, I was told my suits made me look handsome.


The time passed and it was time for Claire and Dana’s birthday. They both put a lot of thought in their wishes…



Kosmas, Claire, and Dana found a great house, and decided to all move in together.

The house felt a bit empty with only China and Kia Ling. Zelda and I found it increasingly difficult to conceive, but after a while, Zelda showed signs of new life on its way.

It was a busy day the girls blew out their candles. China blew her candles out first.


I believe it was only a minute after Kia Ling blew out her candles that Zelda went into labor.


Welcome to the world Xristos!


Another promotion meant another new suit.


Xristos was looking more like me with each passing day. I must say, he is a handsome little man.


Things were going smoothly. Kia Ling had a boy over often, but it seemed as though they were only friends.


China was pretty quiet, and kept to herself in her room.
Xristos aged into a child, and like most of my children, excelled in school.


That summer a new club opened. I got a call from the owner.

“Hello, Mr. Simopolis. Would you please do me the honor of being my first customer?” Mr. Dixon said.

I agreed. Opening night of “Privilege” was a success.


It was a very nice club. I was anxious to tell Zelda about it. Perhaps I spoke too loud.

“Kia, let’s go check out that new club” China whispered.


It wasn’t long after the girl’s curfew that there was a knock on the door. I saw the blue and red lights on all the walls.


I gave the girls a stern look and pointed to the living room.
“Thank you, officer”, I said.
I gave the girls a talking to and they went to bed.
Zelda and I have been blessed with good children, so I missed a few signs…


Kia came up to me on evening. “Dad, I’m worried about China.”,she blushed.
“It’s ok, sweetheart, tell me anything.” I said.
“I’ve noticed China talking to a lot of boys”.


“So, I’ve been following her. The other day, I saw her flirting with a strange man..”

“..and today, I noticed she was talking to him on the phone…”
I hugged Kia. “Thank you. I know that took a lot to come tell me. I’ll go have a talk with China.”

I went to China’s room. She was sitting on her bed, reading. I sat next to her. “We need to talk.”

She put the book down. She didn’t look at me or say anything.
“I understand you are talking with an older man.”

“That’s not your business”,she snapped.

“Actually, it is my business. What do you think he wants from you?! I refuse to let one of my teenage daughters be in ‘relations’ with anyone, let alone an older man!” I tried to keep calm. It was difficult.


“Yes, you do. I am your father!” I said. I was a little hurt. “You are grounded. I will take you to school. I will pick you up from school. You WILL NOT leave this house.” I left the room.

The next morning I took the kids to school. China didn’t speak to me when I told them Good-bye.

My day at work went very well. In fact, I reached the top of my career! I was now “Leader of the Free World”.

I picked up the kids from school and we went home. It was Thursday. Zelda was glad I completed the political career and we decided that my next career would be a musician.

I went to the theater the next morning after I dropped the kids at school.


I enjoyed a matinee, took a stroll around the park, and picked up the kids.

We all ate dinner together. China was not speaking. She went to her room after she ate and closed the door. Kia sighed and asked Xristos to play a little chess. Zelda and I cleaned up and sat on the couch to watch a movie.

Zelda and I finished our movie. Surprisingly Kia and Xristos were still playing chess.

“Are ya’ll having fun?” I chuckled.

“Yes, sir.” Kia replied. “We are going to finish this game up, and then get ready for bed.”

“Ok. Well, Zelda and I are going to bed. Ya’ll don’t stay up too late.” I gave them each a kiss. Then I went to the kid’s door and told China good night. I didn’t get a response, but I wasn’t expecting one.

Little did I know, there was a different reason China did not respond.


She was having a great time…


I had no idea my worst fear was about to come true.
“DAD! DAD! CHINA ISN’T HERE!” Kia said waking me. She was crying. “Her bed was stuffed! She isn’t here!”
I immediately called the police.
They started a search for her. I sped to the club. I had a gut feeling she was there. The owner greeted me at the door.
Mr.Dixon admitted seeing her earlier. “She was trying to go home with Mr.Wolff”,he recalled.

“I clearly heard him say ‘No’, and then he left. I was a bit concerned, and ran into my office to get your number. Then, I saw het get in a taxi and figured she was headed home…”

“Put my number on speed dial. If you see her, call me immediately!” I told him. I was too worried to be angry at him for not calling me sooner.

We searched all night. The night slowly turned into day, and back into night. No China. We went home to eat. Then there was a knock on the door.


“Mr. Simopolis”, the police officer said. “China…has been found…but you might want to sit down.”

A teenager had found China’s body, unresponsive.


After extensive questioning of Mr. Wolff, Mr. Dixon, and the young man that found China’s body, the death of China is unsolved.

And now my dear friends…I must plan her funeral…


Zeus Simopolis-Log 20

“Where are we going?!” Zelda asked excitedly.

I winked at her. “You’ll see when we get there.”

We boarded the plane. I did my best to keep Zelda from knowing where we were headed. All she knew was that we were on the plane a long time. Eventually she took my advise and fell asleep.

We arrived in Shang Simla around 2:00. We got to the hotel and showered. Then we stepped outside and admired the view. Zelda took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Then she turned to me and kissed me.


“It’s so beautiful, and peaceful…” she sighed after our embrace. “Thank you so much!”

“No, thank you. You have made me so happy. You are an excellent wife and a wonderful mother to our children.”, I told her. “Happy Anniversary, my sweet Zelda.”

We took a little time to go to the market place. The trip had left us pretty tired, so we headed back to out room.

Zelda was admiring the view from the balcony, and I was admiring the view of her in the balcony. I walked up behind her and kissed her. She turned blushing.


Things got a little steamy and you can imagine what happened next…


Most of our vacation was spent indoors…but there was one thing I wanted to check out before leaving. I headed down to the martial arts training grounds. It was beautiful. I put on the traditional attire and began practicing on one of the wooden dummies.


I heard a little sickering from some locals, but I was confident it was directed elsewhere. I felt like a natural!
After my practicing, I went to the market. I thought I remember seeing some of the wooden dummies in one of the stores. I eventually found the store and had one shipped to our house.

Zelda found me as I was exiting the store. She had a bag full of books. I took her hand, and we slowly walked back to the hotel.

Our trip was wonderful, but we were ready to get back to the kids.

Kosmas had done an excellent job taking care of the girls. As we told him about some of the sights on our trip, his face lit up. Zelda and I instantly knew what we were getting him for his upcoming birthday.

At this point I had reached the top of the culinary career.


It was time to choose my next career and as a change, I decided to try my luck in politics. Leader of the Free World, here I come!

We had a small party for Kosmas, and as you can see we came home with more than a training dummie and some books.


Kosmas turned into a handsome young man. Before we presented him with his birthday surprise, Claire and Dana, blew out their candles and aged into cute girls.

And then we gave Kosmas his gift. A ticket to Champ le Sims! He was super excited. The ticket was for an evening flight, so he ran and packed a few things. The taxi arrived, and we hugged him.

“Kalo Taxithi”, I yelled after him.”Have a great trip!”

“Thank you so so much!” He yelled back. “See you in a few weeks!”

Kosmas immediately began exploring.



When he wasn’t collecting treasures from underground, he was stumbling across them had buried in the ground.

Kosmas returned home and told us all about his adventures. He couldn’t wait for his next trip.

He put all his gems on a large display and presented Zelda with a few different types of grapes, found only in Champ le Sims. Zelda thanked him and ran out back to plant then.

It wasn’t long before we were welcoming 2 more beautiful girls to the family. Please meet China and Kia Ling.


Things were pretty quiet. I was working hard. Claire and Dana were doing great in school, and getting excited about a few birthdays that were approaching, and Zelda was busy with China, Kia Ling, and her expanding garden.

Kosmas had taken a job at the school. It was almost summer break, so he called and arranged a trip to Egypt.


The day before Kosmas left, China and Kia aged into children.

And Claire and Dana aged into teenagers.


Kosmas left on his trip the next morning.
I was admiring the gems when I saw a hidden switch in the platform. Hesitantly, I pushed it.


I starred at what was produced. “Oh man, my son is going to be mad at me!” I thought to myself, but I was secretly pleased with the memorizing gem in front of me.

Meanwhile, Kosmas was enjoying the sights.


And oddly enough, it seems as if The Simopolis Family is popular all the way in Egypt!

I continued studying martial arts and have even began a little meditation.


Life is good.

Join me next time to see Claire and Dana age into adults, and China and Kia Ling into teens. Plus, will there a new addition to the Simopolis home? Will Kosmas make it home safely?



Zeus Simopolis-Log 19

…”Anastasia, will you marry me?”


“Oh, Dion! YES! YES! YES!”

“Thank you! You have made me so happy!”, Dion said as they came together and hugged.


Dion came running into the house. “She said yes!” He told me excitedly.

“Dion, that’s awesome!” I responded. “Your mother is in the garden, go tell her the great news!”

He ran outside to find Zelda.


Zelda was very excited. She immediately called Anastasia and they started making the plans. I made a few plans of my own. I called a contractor friend, and as a wedding gift, started working on an expansion to Anastasia’s house.

Before long, the day of the wedding came. It was just the four of us, myself, Zelda, and of course the bride and groom.

Zelda played a little music. Anastasia looked lovely.


Anastasia and Dion looked wonderful together! They exchanged vows and I don’t think I have ever seen a couple so in love.


After the vows I grilled some hot dogs, and Dion and Anastasia went inside and danced.


They couldn’t take their eyes off eachother! Zelda winked at me and we snuck out leaving them alone on their wedding night.




That night Zelda gave birth to 2 beautiful girls, Claire and Dana.


Dion was working hard at the fire station;

And Anastasia and Zelda were on the phone a lot. Apparently Anastasia wasn’t feeling well…


“She’s nervous to tell Dion that she is pregnant”, Zelda confided with me.

“He’s a Simopolis…why is she worried?” I asked.

“Because whenever she brought up the idea of children with Nikos, he freaked out, and she is worried that Dion will act the same way…”

I was furious at Nikos. “He’d better be glad Dion already put him in his place!” I took a few deep breaths to calm down. “Call Anastasia and ask her if she wants me to tell Dion. I think will do backflips down the street at the news.”

Zelda called. Anastasia seemed very relieved by my response, and although she appreciated my offer, she felt more confident telling Dion.


Dion was very happy.


And so was I.

The girls aged into toddlers a day before Zelda and my 30th anniversary.


“Zelda, pack your bags. We’re going on a trip!”



Zeus Simopolis-Log 18

“Hi, Nikos”, I said cautiously. “What brings you here today?”

“I need to speak to Dion”. Nikos said blankly.

“Look, I don’t want any trouble, Nikos” I said.

He walked past me and found Dion at the easel.

“Dion. Let’s go outside. I’d like to talk to you” Nikos said to Dion.

Dion shot me a puzzled look and followed Nikos outside.

“Look, Dion. You need to break up with Anastasia. You need to tell her to come back to me. Please…”


Dion looked furious. “Why in the world would I do that? I love Anastasia.”


“Dion, you did me wrong. You knew I was with her.”

“It was HER choice. Besides, what did you do to show her you loved her? You aren’t going anywhere, man! Don’t you think she wants a man to provide for her and a family? She’s busting her butt every day trying to build a house. Have you helped her at all? You aren’t trying to make YOUR life any better, let alone provide for Anastasia. You don’t deserve her!”

“What makes you any better? You still live with mom and dad! You’re a bigger looser than I am!”


“What?! At least I’m going to have a real job. I’ll have you know I’m training at the Fire Station. I will never be a looser like you!”

And what happened next surprised me. Nikos lounged at Dion.



But what Nikos started, he could not finish.


Nikos stood up and brushed himself off. He looked at Dion and said, “You can have her.” And then he left.

Dion ran over to me. “Dad, I’m so sorry. I didn’t want a fight…”

“I know, Dion…” I replied.

Things were quiet for a bit. Kosmas had aged into a child, and was doing great in school.

Dion and Anastasia were still dating, and were very happy. Dion was still with us, as he was preparing a few things and while he awaited a reply from the fire station.

We were about to celebrate 3 birthdays. The girls were going to be young adults, and Kosmas was going to be a teenager.
Before the party I saw Dion staring out the window to the small house on the hill.

“Are you ok?” I asked him.

“I got a letter today.” He said quietly.


“I got the job. They want me to start next week.”

“That’s awesome!” I was very proud.

“So, I have somewhere to go after the party.”

“Ok.” I replied.

Lily, Rose, and Kosmas blew out their candles, and we had a great time!

After the party Dion looked at us nervously. “I’ll be back later” he said.

Zelda glanced at me and I shrugged my shoulders.

Dion took several deep breaths as he backed out of the garage. He slowly drove toward Anastasia’s house. He parked the car. He walked up to the house and knocked on the door.

Anastasia answered the door. “Hi Dion!”, she exclaimed.

“Hi.” he said quietly. “Would you come around to the back yard with me?”

Puzzled, she took his hand and they walked around back.

He got down on one knee.
“Anastasia. I love you. I always have. I am ready to provide for you, and one day, a family. Will you marry me?


What will she say? Find out later this week!
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Zeus Simopolis- Log 17

“Dad, I’m going to Anastasia’s house.” Dion said as he grabbed some car keys and started out the door.

I heard him drive away and wished him luck. It wasn’t that I wanted him try and break up Anastasia and Nikos… But Dion had a lot going for him. Nikos, was a nice young man, and of course one of my sons, but lacked some the ambition that burned in Dion. Dion reminded me so much of myself…

He slowly walked to her door…


“Why, hello, Dion”, Anastasia greeted.


“Hello, Anastasia.” Dion replied.

“Please come inside, I was just about to make some hot chocolate” Anastasia offered.

“Thank you. Wow! Your house is coming along nicely.”


They sat at the small table as sipped some cocoa.

“So, what brings you to this side of town?” Anastasia asked.


Anastasia put her cup down and gazed at Dion.
“Me? What about me?” ,she questioned.

“Well, I would like to take you out. Go to a movie, some dinner at The Bistro…a date…” Dion said confidently.

“Dion, you know I’m seeing Nikos.”

“Yes, but I would like you to be seeing me.” Dion blushed.

Anastasia stood up. “I have to get up early in the morning, I’d better get to sleep.” She walked to the door and opened it.

Dion walked toward the door. He leaned in toward her and whispered, “Just think about it, please”.

The door closed gently behind him. He thought he heard Anastasia sigh as he walked to the car.


Dion got home around the same time I did.
“How did it go?” I asked.

“She didn’t hit me!” Dion chuckled. “I don’t know, dad, she turned me down, and reminded me that she was with Nikos.”

“Give it some time. I’m proud that you went and spoke to her”.


I had just gotten into bed when I heard the car leaving. I knew where Dion was going.

He parked the car and walked up to her house. There was still a light on.
He opened the case and got out his guitar and started playing a song he had wrote.


He played for a few minutes when the door opened.

“Dion! What are you doing” Anastasia exclaimed.

Dion kept playing.
Anastasia got closer.
He saw her close her eyes and listen to the beautiful song.

She smiled.


Dion strummed the last note.

“That was beautiful” she said quietly.

“Not as beautiful as you” Dion replied. “Your more beautiful that all the flowers in the world.”

“Dion, do you know how hard this is for me?! Everytime I close my eyes, it’s your face I see smiling back at me.”, Anastasia said.

“Then give me a chance! I know Nikos is my brother, but you deserve me! I would give you every and anything. He doesn’t give you the dedication you deserve. He still works part time at the grocery store! How is going to provide for you and a family?”

“Dion…I…I…”, tears formed in her eyes. “Good night, Dion.”

Dion hadn’t talked to Anastasia in a week. There was pain in every movement he made.

Then the door bell rang. Dion answered the it.
It was Nikos.
“We need to talk, Dion.” Nikos said angrily. “I know you have some silly crush on Anastasia, but is there some reason why she refuses to talk to me?”


“Answer me, Dion!” Nikos shouted again.

“I don’t control other people’s actions!” Dion replied.

The door bell rang. Zelda quickly answered the door. I heard a woman’s voice in the foyer. Then I heard Zelda, “I don’t think it’s a good time-”

Anastasia walked in the room and went over to Dion, oblivious to the fact that Nikos was present, and wrapped her arms around Dion.


Nikos walked to the door. “This isn’t over Dion!” He yelled as he slammed the door.

Anastasia eyes got wide. Then they started to water.

“Come on, let’s go somewhere”, Dion said as he grabbed her hand.

Dion took her to the beach.
“You are so beautiful in the moonlight” he said.


“Anastasia, I love you.”


They leaned in to eachother.
“I love you, too” she whispered.


“Miss Anastasia, would you like to be my girlfriend?” Dion asked.

“Yes”, she giggled. Then she frowned. The sun was about to rise.”Dion, I know what you are”, she sighed, “I guess this means it’s time for me to go home.”

Dion drove Anastasia home. She kissed his cheek and said good bye.

Dion slept all day. When he woke, I was in the living room.

He held out his arms. “Dad, how do I fix this?”, he said.

I knew what he wanted so I told him to go to the science lab. He thanked me, and left.

He acquired the vial, and like me, wasted no time.

The next morning I woke up and walked toward the kitchen. I wasn’t surprised to see a colorful Dion painting in the living room.


I finished my breakfast and was about to wake up Zelda when the doorbell rang. It was Nikos.


To be continued…


Zeus Simpolois- Log 16

Welcome back everyone! Ready to party? Dion is becoming a teenager! Zelda invited Anastasia, and a few other friends.

Right before the party, I saw Zelda with her cell phone in her hand contemplating something.

“What are you thinking about, dear” I said.

“Oh… I don’t know. Anastasia probably doesn’t know many single young men yet…What if I invite Nikos over, and introduce them?” Zelda questioned.

“Awe! My little matchmaker. You’re so thoughtful!” I said, half joking. “Go ahead, invite him over, if anything it would be good to see one of my sons!”

Not too much later the guests arrived.

Nikos had no problem talking to Anastasia. She was a lovely young lady and very friendly, too.

We were all having a great time. Dion blew out his candles and turned into a handsome teenager.

I noticed the rest of the party Dion was having a difficult time keeping his eyes off Anastasia…

The party came to an end, but my shift was about to begin. I rushed out the door just in time to catch the carpool to work.

A week later I noticed Dion moping around.

“Hey Dion, whats going on? Girl trouble?” I winked. I didn’t expect his answer, or if I did, not the subject of the answer…

“Well.. Actually, yes. That is my problem. Ever since my birthday, I can’t get Anastasia out of my mind. And to make matters worse, I ran into Nikos at the park the other day and all he could talk about was Anastasia!” Dion replied.

” Well, what’s your plan?” I asked. “Do you have one? Have you even asked any of the girls your age out on a date?”

“I don’t think any of the girls my age are even half as beautiful as Anastasia. And as far as a plan: I have one…”

“And what is it?”

“I don’t know if true or not, but I wonder if I work REALLY hard and make the honor roll, if maybe, perhaps- We can have my birthday a little early.”

This actually got me thinking of all the children I have raised. It’s true that a few of our children were very ambitious and achieved their teenage requirements earlier than others.

“Are you sure that you want to work that hard for a woman you don’t even know will give you a chance?” I asked. “And are you willing to take a chance hurting a relationship with one of your brothers by pursuing the woman he is dating?”

“I’d do anything for even a chance to be with Anastasia.” Dion replied confidently.

After that, Dion kept busy indeed. I had never seen anyone, other than myself of course, work so hard and diligently. 

Not too long before the twins birthday, Zelda and I welcomed Kosmas into the world.

I don’t know how he did it, but it was 1 day before the twin’s birthday and Dion came to me with a letter from the principle. He accomplished his goal, for he was to graduate early, with honors!

I told Zelda we needed one more cake for Dion. “And you¬†please make sure and invite Anastasia to the party.” I added.

The party commenced the next day and although Dion was thrilled to see Anastasia at the party, he was not so happy that she brought Nikos with her.

I must say, Dion was a handsome young man, and of course as it is evident, the last of our vampire children…

The party continued, and I noticed once Anastasia blush a little before making eye contact with Dion. It reminded me of one my powers I tried out on Zelda once…I wondered if Dion was also using a vampire power on Anastasia. His eyes darted to mine and I gave him a stern look. He smiled apologetically and shrugged his shoulders slightly.

The girls blew out their candles and were now teenagers, and Kosmas was now a toddler. (sorry for the lack of a Kosmas picture…)

I would love to continue, but I must go for now! I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I will keep you posted on my family very soon!!!

From the author: I wanted to continue, but before I do, I am curious to see how you think things will play out!!! Please leave a comment and give me your thoughts. Will Dion win Anastasia over, or is she too in love with Nikos to consider breaking up for another Simopolis man?


Zeus Simopolis-Log 15

Her words were like a bad dream. “This land belongs to me…to me…to me”.

I stood dumbfounded for a few minutes, staring at this young lady.

“Sir, sir?” She finally said.

“I’m sorry. I guess I just don’t understand. I purchased this land years ago from a real estate agent. I have a deed…” I was trying to figure all this out.

“Yes, sir. I understand. My family has been living in Bridgeport¬†for quite a while. This land belonged to my Great Great Grandparents. See, there was a fire a few weeks ago while I was at work…” she started explaining. Tears were forming in her eyes. “I was instructed by my Parent’s Will to come back to Sunset Valley. I don’t have anything, except this land…at least I thought I had this land. I drove by this morning and was shocked to see this beautiful house here. I called my family’s lawyer and he confirmed the location. Here is his number, if you would like to call him.”

She handed me a piece of paper with a name and number on it.

“Thank you” I said. “I would like to call him. My name is Zeus Simopolis, by the way. Why don’t you come in while I contact this Mr. Jenks.”

“Thank you Zeus. And my name is Anastasia Simms”.¬†¬†¬†

I led Anastasia inside and introduced her to Zelda. I then told Zelda I had a phone call to make and stepped outside into the backyard.

“Mr. Jenks, my name is Zeus Simopolis,and I believe we have a misunderstanding.”

We talked for quite a while. Legally it was her land. And legally, the real estate company would be held accountable for relocating my family. Also, according to the Simms’ Will, Anastasia was to start on this land free and clear, meaning The Simopolis Estate would have to be demolished. My heart broke to hear this. We had worked so hard to build this house. But those were the instructions. I felt bad for Anastasia. She just lost her family, and now she had to start from nothing other than a piece of land. Well, if she was strong enough, she would certainly make a name for herself and the Simms Family. Now I had to tell Zelda the news. I walked back inside and excused Zelda and myself. Zelda was a bit confused at first, but was a lot calmer about it than I was. “As long as we stay together, I’ll go anywhere with you, Zeus.”

And so began the construction of the new Simopolis Homestead. We still wanted to see the ocean, so although the land was a bit smaller, and our house was more modest, it was definitely Home.  


Everyone was adjusting to the new house very well.  In fact it was actually a lot closer to town than The Estate was, so our commutes took less time. 

Not long after the move Dion’s birthday came.

The next day started the beginning of my new career.  I was now gong to work my way to the top of Culinary Greatness!!! It was also the first day in our new house that all the kids went to school.

“How about a little dip in the hot tub, Zelda” I said slyly. Zelda blushed and we¬†raced for the backyard.

We were really enjoying ourselves when I heard the carpool beeping for me. I got out of the hot tub and had a wonderful idea.

“What are you giggling about over there?” Zelda asked me.

“Nothing, Dear.¬† I gotta go to work. Have a great day!” I said as another laugh escaped me.

“ZEUS¬†SIMOPOLIS!!! Get back here with my clothes!” She yelled..

“Sorry, hun, I can’t hear you…Gotta go!” I tried to keep from laughing.

Good thing there was a towel nearby…The school bus was about to pull up with the kids!


Things continued to go well.¬† It was Alexis and Glykeria’s birthday, and as you can see, Zelda is about to pop!


Alexis and Glykeria were lovely. (Family Tree) They stayed around the house for a few days, while we prepared for Zelda to have the baby.  It also gave them a chance to look for a house, jobs, and brush up on some chess.


Zelda’s labor went very well, and I like to introduce to you Rose AND Lilly!


After we assured Alexis and Glykeria that we were good (they are so sweet), they closed on the house they were looking at, and headed out.


One evening Zelda and I were relaxing on the bed.

“I wonder how Anastasia is doing”, Zelda stated.

“Me too”, I confessed. “I work evening shift tomorrow. Why don’t I watch Lilly and Rose and you can go see how she’s doing.”

“That sounds lovely”, Zelda replied.


The next morning Zelda got ready and headed out. 

Anastasia was delighted to see Zelda.



They talked for a while and Zelda was happy to see that Anastasia had started to build a house for herself.

“How’s the job hunting going?” Zelda asked.


“It’s going… Actually it’s going kinda slow. I think it might be cause I’m not from around here.” Anastasia confessed.

“Well, don’t give up. I’ll talk to Zeus and see if there is anyone he knows that might be looking for help.” Zelda said.

“Thanks Zelda! Ya’ll have been so kind to me…” Anastasia said.

Zelda looked at her watch. “Oh, goodness! I’ve got to get back to the house. Dion is having his birthday this weekend, maybe you can join us.”

“I’d love to!” replied Anastasia.

Zelda got in her car and watched as Anastasia headed over to the park and relaxed in a lounge chair.



I hope you will also join us for Dion’s party! Until next time!

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