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2.5 Twins and Robots


Today was the twin’s first birthday.

I sighed.

It also marked a year since my parents died.

They died the night I gave birth to Aiden and Yanni.

I watched as Aiden played with his peg box and Yanni beat the xylophone.


They both had my mother’s hair and my father’s eyes.

I loved my boys so much, and it felt like in a way, my parents were still with us.



It was bed time, and as usual, Yanni was hiding.

He wasn’t crazy about bed time.


I tucked the boys in and looked at the wall paper. This room was past due for a makeover.


I stepped out on the back porch and put on my snow boots.

I walked to the small garden were my parents rested.


“I miss you guys.” I whispered.


Taking care of twins was definitely a challenge.

Jeff’s job was keeping him extremely busy.

Zach tried to help.


Zelda….Zelda tried too.

“Mom…” she yelled from the study. “…what was I getting again?”

“Yanni’s bottle.” I said, possibly for the third time.

“Oh yeah.”



With Jeff’s long hours, and I really was trying to keep up with the twins, a teenager and an absent-minded daughter.

One night I was teaching Aiden how to talk…


My phone rang.

“Mrs. Bluebeard, this is Officer Glass. We have Zach in custody. We caught him shoplifting.”


My hands started to shake.

“What do I need to do?”

“Well, he is still a minor…so I can just bring him home, as long as you are there.”

“Thank you Officer. I am home.”


I was furious. No….I was beyond furious.

“How could you be shoplifting! Why?!?” I yelled.



“We have enough money for you to buy anything you need!”

“I…I…”he stuttered. “I don’t know  Mom. I’m sorry….”

“Don’t do it again.”


Zelda stood in the hallway.

She was crying. I sighed.

“Go to bed Zach. Zelda, go pick out a book sweetheart. I’ll read you a story.”


The boys woke up at the same time the next morning.



I had hardly slept the night before.

I got the boys settled  and walked to the kitchen.

“Wow, Mom. You look rough.” Zach said.


“Wait…that’s not what I meant. I mean, I know it’s probably because of me…Look, let me watch the boys and Zelda. You could go to the spa or something.”

And so I did.


“What about your hair?” the stylist said.

“Cut it.” I said.

A make-over was just what I needed.

I felt like a completely new person.



Finally, after all these years, and a lot of hard work, the time portal had been stabilized.

The company wanted Jeff…and me…to go to the future, research and build a robot for the present time.


I knew we shouldn’t be gone long (in present time), but I asked a friend, and neighbor, Sheila Tucker to come watch the kids.

Jeff and I stepped through the portal.

His first time wasn’t so fun.


Jeff began by interviewing the resident robot.


The next morning we went to the Bot Shop.

I was particularly interested in the Nannybot.


While Jeff was drawn to a more aggressive model.


And although Jeff and I weren’t on vacation, we did enjoy some time alone.


After quite a bit of research at the library,


Jeff was ready to build his first robot.


He was felling pretty confident, and I must say I was impressed.

He adjusted the robot’s trait chips.


We were almost ready to go home….there was just something I needed to do first.

I looked up Bluebeard in the directory.

I got the address and went to visit.

The house was awesome.

I was greeted by a nice lady.

“Hi. I’m Bianca Bluebeard…is Diane home?”

She hugged me.


 “I’m her sister-in-law, Mary. Diane isn’t here right now.” she leaned in and whispered,”I’m house-sitting. She and my brother are on their second honeymoon. It’s their 20th anniversary!”

We talked for a little longer, and it was a relief to hear that everyone was doing well.

The next morning, Jeff, the robot and I were ready to go home.


When we got home, Jeff packed a few things.

He had to deliver the robot to Hidden Springs, and unfortunately that meant he would be gone for a week.

At least he made it home in time for the boy’s 8th birthday.


Not even a week later, Zelda turned 15.

She was turning into a lovely lady.


Zach was phenomenal with the guitar.

Jeff  and I were so proud.



One crisp Spring evening, Zelda accompanied me to the Tucker’s house for a get together.

I’m not sure if I had forgotten that their son Marshall had turned into a teenager, or that Zelda was a teenager…

He introduced himself.


She was instantly smitten.

By the end of the evening, the both were.


I was not prepared for my daughter’s flirtatious giggles…


I cleared my throat, thanked Sheila for a lovely evening, and announced that it was time to go home.

Zelda was not happy with me.


Too bad!


Zach was only days away from graduating.

I was sitting in the kitchen watching Yanni play in the new sand box.


Zelda came running through the door.

“MOM!” she yelled with a panic.”

“What’s the matter Zelda?”

She was out of breath…

“Some college guys….in the park…they dared Zach to….guitar duel…Grimm…Cemetery!”

I got in the car.

I hope I make it in time….



4 thoughts on “2.5 Twins and Robots

  1. I like Bianca’s new hairdo! It’s sad to hear Marcus and Pandora have died, I loved them they were a great couple 😦
    Great chapter as always! 🙂

    • I like the new hairdo too. To be honest, the bun has a bald spot that I was always trying to take pictures around, and it got on my final nerve. Lol.
      After traveling to the future, my game started lagging-bad. I had practically do flips to get everything right again. I hate that I wasn’t able to go into more detail on their passing, but they did pass of natural causes. 🙂
      Thank you!

  2. So what do you think of that Grim lot on the store was it worth the money? I love your writing style the story flows so well, and your characters are great.

    • It was a gift..It is cool, and has lots of cool features…
      My favorite Sims news site is
      They always have in depth reports on all the store items.
      Thank you!

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