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2.4 Product Testing


The seconds went by like hours.

The blue light still surrounded me, and it felt like I was going down a twisting slide.

A whoosh of wind gently hit my face.

The ride had ended.

I opened my eyes…I was alive!


I slowly turned around.

Where was I?

I had almost convinced myself that this was a dream, when a man approached me.

“Oh, dear.” he said. “This is bad.”


“Excuse me?” I questioned.

‘Well, you’re supposed to be Jeff.”

“I’m his wife. Do you mind telling me what is going on?!”

“Yes Mrs. Bluebeard.”


“Bianca. My name is Emmit. Welcome to the future.”

I laughed.

He didn’t.

I wasn’t trying to be rude…”You’re serious, aren’t you?”

“Very. I work for the same company as Jeff….just many, many years later than him. We assumed he would be the one to activate the portal.”

“Yeah….sorry about that….”


“Well, it will take a few days for the portal to charge back up and take you back to your time. We wanted Jeff to test a few items for us…would you be willing to take his place?”

Always up for an adventure, I agreed.

The first item was a jet pack.


I really hope they don’t expect me to give this thing back!

The next item was a hover board.

Although fun, it was quite a bit more difficult to learn.

I went to the sands of the barren sink hole to get the hang of it, and cushion my falls.


The next day Emmit gave me some currency and directed me to the shopping plaza.

I was amazed to see what the future had to offer.


I wasn’t crazy about the current fashions, but there was no way I was leaving without one of those hover boards.


My phone beeped.

It was a text message from Emmit.

It was an address “Thought you might want to visit this family.”

I went outside, flagged a taxi, and gave them the address.

I was rather shocked when we pulled up to a 2 story cabin.

I hesitated at the door.


I knocked.

“Coming.” I heard a voice from inside.

The door opened and I was greeted by a pleasant-looking young woman.

“You must be Great Great Grandmother Bianca! I’m Diane.”


She hugged me and invited me inside.


The inside was drab and sparsely decorated.

Diane asked me if I’d like some coffee.


We walked into the kitchen, and as she put on a pot of coffee, she introduced me to her children.


I watched in shock as they ate like wild dogs.

I tried hard not to show my surprise…

Diane sighed.

“Things aren’t well.” she stated. “My husband was working in the mines. There was…an accident…I’ve been trying my best to do this on my own…”

She wiped a tear, got up and took a piece of paper of the fridge.

She handed it to me.

7-12-35-44-10 : 8/15/15

“I know it’s a lot to ask, but maybe you can help? These are the winning lottery numbers for that date.”

I folded the paper and put it in my pocket.

I didn’t like the thought of cheating…

The youngest boy licked his plate.

I also didn’t like the thought of any of my family hungry and struggling.

Present or Future.

I thanked Diane for her hospitality, gave her the rest of the money Emmit had given me to go shopping, hopped on the  hover board and went back to the company house.

I told Emmit about meeting my descendants.


Then I whined about going home.

“The portal is almost ready. I want you to test one more product while we wait.”

He led me outside to a suspended patio.

There was a view of the city and what looked like an easel.

A holographic easel.


I lost track of time, as usual, as I created with this awesome invention.


I went to go look for Emmit and I ask if I had time to go back to the store and buy one. How did I miss these at the store yesterday?

Emmit came running up to me. “Bianca, the portal is activated, but you have to leave, NOW!”

He grabbed my hand and practically dragged me to the portal.

I stepped in.

At first nothing happened. Emmit looked worried.

Then BOOM! A flash of blue light and I landed in my yard.


I ran inside to Zach’s room.

He was there.

Safe and playing his drums.


I searched the house for Jeff.

“Where have you been?” he asked when I found him.

“How long have I been gone?” I asked.

“About 15-20 minutes..” he  said puzzled.


“We have a lot to talk about!” I said.


Time went by, as it does.

Occasionally the portal’s blue light would flash, making my heart race, every time.


My paintings have been different as of late, but perhaps it was the pregnancy.


It was Zach’s birthday and I was miserably pregnant.


A piece of cake, a few gifts, a sharp pain, and I was in labor.


I named my daughter Zelda, in honor of my grandmother.

Like Zach, she was a good baby.


I blinked, maybe twice.

I was teaching Zelda to talk.


Zach was very smart, like his father.

They loved to play chess together.


One morning I was rearranging my dresser drawers when I came across a piece of paper folded up.

It was the paper Diane had given me.

I looked at the date.

That’s today!!!

Indecision overcame me.

What do I do?!?

“I’ll be back soon.” I called to Jeff.

I argued with myself the whole way to the store.

The picture of those hungry children kept popping in my mind.

I bought the ticket.

I tried to act surprised when I won.


I donated a fair amount to charity, and put the majority into a long-term savings account.


Winter came fast.

My father was spending some time with Zelda.


Which gave me an opportunity to play with Zach in the snow.


The holiday was very joyful, spent with a lot of friends and family.


I got up early the next morning to clean up.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.



When did I get all the wrinkles-I mean laugh lines?

Then the nausea hit me.

I ran to the bathroom just in time.


I sighed.

I was middle aged…and pregnant.



6 thoughts on “2.4 Product Testing

  1. Great chapter – it raises some very interesting questions and moral dilemmas – I can’t wait to see what happens next!
    Another baby for Bianca! I’m glad, I’m sure her children are going to grow up very beautiful like her 🙂

  2. Zach is adorable! I can’t wait to see how Zelda turns out. Love the future spin, I just hope that Bianca’s actions helped her family.

  3. Loved the chapter and the way you brought the future in to your story, and the children are adorable.

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