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2.1 Are Those Butterflies?


Not only did I pass my mid-terms, I made Dean’s List.

Relief washed over me.

It was time to celebrate-my way.


Why no one was at the beach, I had no idea.

The weather was perfect.

The sun felt warm on my body, and the fresh water cooled it down.


I was thoroughly enjoying myself.



I found myself reflecting on my young adult life.

In a way, I found myself lonely.

A few of my roommates were probably wrapped in the arms of their boyfriend or girlfriend, while I was here, on the beach, by myself.

To be honest though, no one had ever caught my eye.

I’ve never had a boyfriend.

As evening approached, I gathered my things and headed back to the dorm.

I still had time for one more painting before bedtime.


School was going well.

Without any distractions, I was the model student.

I hadn’t really noticed the passing of time.

It wasn’t until I was sitting in my favorite spot by the pond that I felt the crisp autumn air, and realized that the leaves I stare at everyday had changed colors.


Perhaps I  was  spending too much time studying…


The next day the teacher called me to the front of the class.

“Ms. Bianca, can you please draw a comparison chart of what mediums you would use on heavy weight paper.”

I nervously approached the billboard.

Although I thought this was basic information, my classmates eagerly listened to me.


The days were getting shorter and I exited class, evening was fast approaching.

I wouldn’t have time to walk to my spot by the pond for  today’s sketch.

I decided to walk across the lawn to the small water feature.

It was inspiring enough.

I took out my paper and got lost somewhere between my paper and pencil.

It was no surprise that when I heard a voice say ‘I like your drawing”, that I jumped.


I turned around to see who was speaking to me.

There was a( rather cute) young man standing behind me.

I blushed.

He held out a hand as to help me up.

“I’m sorry”, he said. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

I took his hand and stood up.

“It’s ok. I get lost in my work sometimes.”


We introduced.

His name was Jeff, and he was definitely cute.

We tried talking.

He was from Hidden Springs.

A Science Major.

The guitar player was quite loud though, and it was getting late.


“Can we meet-” we both said at the same time.

“Tomorrow?” he asked. “At the coffee shop?”

“Sounds perfect.”

Screenshot-10 (2)

I may have skipped back to the dorm, like a little girl.

For the first time in my life, I think I had butterflies.

I was thinking about his eyes and adorable freckles.

I couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

Of course it was Wednesday, and it seemed all my professors were extra long-winded.

Hurry up! I HAVE A DATE!!!

Finally classes were over.

I ran to the coffee shop.

I managed to walk in, just as it started to drizzle outside.

I looked around and spotted Jeff on a small couch in the back corner.

“Hi.” he said as I sat down.

He seemed nervous.

“Hi.” I replied.

I was nervous.


The aroma of coffee beans was relaxing.

“It is much more quiet here.” I observed.

“Ye, it is. And well lit…you are stunning…” he said, almost whispering.

“Thank you.” I said. “You are quite handsome yourself.”

We quickly went back to small talk.

I told him about my family, about my love of art, and my adoration of cats.

“I love cats” he said.



“Yes, I have two at home, I really miss them.”

“So, do you have a girlfriend at home too?”

“Me?! No. Girls don’t really talk to me. I still trying to figure out if I’m dreaming right now.”

I teasingly pinched him.

We sat and talked until closing time.

As we walked outside, Jeff opened an umbrella and we stood underneath it.

I really wanted to kiss him…but it was only pretty much our first date.

I looked down instead.

“Thank you for the nice evening.” I said. “Can we meet again?”

“Yes. I’d like that.”

He offered to escort me back to the dorm.

We walked in silence, only the sound of rain around us.

We might not have kissed that night, but we held hands all the way to my dorm.

We meet at the coffee shop every night that week.

By Saturday, I couldn’t resist any more.

He was on a tangent about suspicious plant matter, and I  was staring at his lips.

I leaned over and kissed him.



We both blushed.

It was my first kiss, and apparently his.

We kissed a few more times…

The barista came over and said “Y’all are going to have to take the lip party somewhere else.”

We laughed and got up.

One more kiss, for good measure.


I didn’t hear from him on Sunday.

I couldn’t believe how sad that made me.


I found him in the park Monday.

He was headed to class.

“You want to come over after class?” I asked.


“Sounds like a date.”

He came over.

We mainly cuddled on the bed.


Although neither of us were ready to take our relationship to that level yet, I had a brilliant idea of something fun to do.


And there was some kissing too…


I felt wonderful.


I was a day away from completing my degree.

Finals were bittersweet for me.

I thought Jeff and I were in love, but he got really quiet whenever I tried to ask about our future together.

I was beginning to have my doubts.

I took my tests confidently, and as the sun set that Friday, so it was my last day as a student at Sims University.



Ok. Here is a bonus picture. Although this picture looks kind of silly in the story, I can’t help but share it. It really cracks me up. 

Thank you for reading! 🙂



5 thoughts on “2.1 Are Those Butterflies?

  1. I’m glad Bianca got a boyfriend, hopefully things work out now that they’re leaving university!
    (Btw I though Jeff seemed pretty nerdy, but by the look of that last photo he must work out a LOT! He looks a bit like a bodybuilder lol) 🙂

    • Yes, Jeff is on the nerdy side, which is why no other girls have ever noticed he’s a hottie(*cough*I may have slid the slider a pinch too far*cough*) under that sweater. He also compliments Bianca’s studious side. 😉

  2. I love Bianca, her narrative is so relaxing and tentative in a youthful way. Jeff seems like a wonderful match, I can’t wait to see how their future unfolds!

    • Thank you. They really are cute together. She might be really pretty, but she is humble as well. She loves Jeff for who he is, first…and actually under those large glasses, he is rather cute, and thanks to my slider happy mouse, he’s pretty solid under the sweater, too.

  3. I hope things work out well between the two of them. I think he’s cute too 😉

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