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2.0 Lessons Learned


The drive seemed like it was taking forever.

I looked out the taxi window just in time to see a sign for Sim’s University.

We were getting close.

The taxi driver took the next exit.

I started to feel dizzy.

To be honest, I was on an emotional overload.

Excited one second, nervous the next. Ambitious. Scared. Homesick…homesick?!?

The taxi came to a stop in front of the dorms.

“All ashore who’s going ashore.” the driver chuckled.

I sighed. “I guess that would be me.”

I paid my fair and got my luggage.


Am I really here?

I hid behind the dorm’s bulletin board.

I watched as fellow students arrived. They all seemed nervous too.


I can do this!

I walked into the foyer.

Fresh paint and PineSol filled the air.

I took out the piece of paper with my room number on it.

I found my room and sat my stuff down.

Courageousness took a hold of me.

Unpacking can wait, there are new people to meet!


I mingled a little inside, then stepped outside to the backyard.

“Hey! Wanna pick up that paddle? We got time for a quick game.”

I had never played Ping Pong before…but I was a natural!


I was eager to get to the Student Union building to check out my class schedule, so after a promise to continue, I headed out.

As I walked through the door, I was almost attacked by a llama!


“My apologies!” the school mascot said.

“No worries.”

I walked over to the Art Major’s table.

A lady stood up.

“Hi, and welcome. I am Professor Tabitha.”
“Hi. I am Bianca Bluebeard.”


Ah, Bianca. I recall your art submission for enrollment. I look forward to working with you.”

“Thank you, Professor. I am ready to learn.” We chuckled.

I am such a dork!

She handed me my schedule.

Wow. Why did I sign up for this many credits this term?!?

I hope I am ready…

The first day of class was a rainy one.

The fragrant smell of  wet grass greeted me as I was running to class.


It was still raining as I ran to my second and third class.


By the time the day was done, it had finally stopped raining, which is good because I was too tired to run back to the dorm.


The next day was lecture day.

I did my best to stay awake.


Some of my classmates were not as successful.


The rest of my day was free.

I found a nice quiet spot by the pond and got out my sketch book.


It was so relaxing and peaceful.

I drew until my hand and fingers cramped up.

Then I found a chair and pulled out a book. It was definitely too nice to go back to the dorm.


Wednesday was another day crammed with classes.

Then came Thursday. Another beautiful day, and we had class outside.


That evening I ventured out.

I found a little pub with a stage and a guitar.



I quickly got into a routine.

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays were pretty busy.

Tuesdays, I relaxed by the pond.

Thursdays I went and played guitar.

Time was going by so quickly, mid-term finals were next week!

I felt confident that I was going to ace my tests.

For  whatever reason, a few classmates decided to throw a party the night before finals, and I was invited.


The attire was swimwear.


There was no pool.

I shrugged it off and grabbed a drink.


And another and another.

Then my memory gets fuzzy…


I may have drank too much.


The next morning I found myself on a couch.

My head hurt.

The alarm on my cell was going off.

That only meant one thing.

It was time for finals.

I stumbled to get ready and made it to class just in time.

I sat at the desk.

My head was pounding.

The Professor looked at me sternly as she handed me my test.

I looked at the paper and the word blurred together.

I did my best and hurried to the next class, grabbing a bit to eat out of a vending machine.

I finished test two.

The Professor stopped me after class and thanked me for being such a good student.


I felt horrible, and hoped my breath didn’t still smell like it tasted.

One last test.

I was beyond exhausted.


I finished.

Now to make it to my bed.

I slept most of Saturday.

I am never drinking again!

I was about to enjoy a nice salad when I heard my name.

“Bianca Bluebeard. Here is your report card.”

I was scared to look.

I opened the envelope.

Took out the paper.




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  1. Love her face in the last picture

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