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1.9 Leaving the Nest


“I’ll do it.”

Bianca stood proudly.

Victoria and Victor seemed relieved.

“Are you sure?” Pandora asked Bianca.

“Yes. Victoria and Victor already have a plan for their futures.” Bianca replied.

“Don’t do make this decision to make them happy, sweetheart.”

Screenshot-11“It isn’t a chore. You are asking me to live in this house, pass it on to my children,make sure they pass it on to one of their children, and take care of you and Dad when you get older. It is what I want to do, what I would do.”


Pandora’s eyes gleamed. “You are a wonderful daughter.”

“Thank you. I do have one request. I want to go to college first to study art.”

“Are you serious? Request granted. You can go to college first.”



Victoria was spending more and more time with Fausto.


In fact, you could say we were all spending more time with Fausto.

It seemed he was always at our house.

The more time he spent with us though, the more we started noticing that he was changing.

He was starting to look…..different.



It was no illusion, Victor was in love with Sandra.

One evening she came to visit with some great news.

Her mother, and my first friend (that I remember), Jasmine, had accepted a transfer to the salon in Sunset Valley!

The Plum house had purchased a nice spacious house, perfect for a growing family.

Victor was more than pleased about the news.


To celebrate, Victor got down on his knee.

Screenshot-120And proposed to Sandra.


To no surprise, she said yes.



Victoria had been doing a lot of research, and apparently was on to something with Fausto.

“Fausto. I think Maria has a spell on you.”


“Will you please let me try something?”she asked.

“Yes.” he said somewhat hesitantly.

She began to try to undo Maria’s spell.


Maria’s spell was strong, but Victoria’s love was stronger.


Victoria had succeed.


A few days later, they went to the park, where they met, and exchanged vows.


Apparently Maria expired shortly after, of extreme old age.

Victoria and Fausto found a cute house, and began their lives together.


Victor and Sandra also exchanged vows.

They had a private ceremony.

I guess it was what they wanted.

They moved in with Jasmine.

Like me, she was getting older, and Sandra promised to look after her parents in old age, much like Bianca.


I would say the house was quiet, with only Pandora, Bianca and me…

but Bianca loved to practice the guitar.

A lot.

Screenshot-11 (2)

My ears were thankful that she liked to paint as well.


It was the final days of winter.

Bianca received her aptitude test in the mail for spring semester.


She nervously mailed back her test and awaited an acceptance letter.


On the day her letter arrived, she was in town.

She had run into a changing Victoria.


They had a few laughs.


And Bianca congratulated her sister, and told her how excited she was to be an aunt.


When Bianca returned home, I was in the living room.

I was sitting on the couch.

The letter from Sims University was on my lap.

“Bianca”, I called.

“Yes, father.”

“You got something in the mail today.”

Her eyes lit up.

I handed her the envelope.

She opened it.

“I got accepted!” she squealed.

“I never had a doubt. Are you sure you’re ready to go?”

I wasn’t ready for her to go.

“Yes, Dad.” She hugged me. “Thank you.”

“When are you going to go?”

She blushed. “As long as it takes for a taxi to come get me.”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

“I love you, kid. You go pack, I’ll call your taxi.”

Why are taxi’s so quick when you don’t want them to be?


The house was empty.

Our birds had left the nest.

At least Bianca would be back soon.



3 thoughts on “1.9 Leaving the Nest

  1. Aww things are changing in the Bluebeard household. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what Victoria’s baby will look like and the things Bianca will experience in college!

  2. This is looks like a great segway into a new generation 😉

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