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1.7 Fresh Dirt


Pandora came back around quickly.

I helped her and our guest Samantha inside, and made everyone some hot chocolate.

It was silent as we drank.

Pandora gathered our cups and put them in the sink.

Samantha followed her to the kitchen.

“I’m so sorry, Pandora.”she said.


“Your parents loved you very much.”she continued.

“How do you know? I’ve been gone for 25 years!”

Screenshot-13 (2)

“I know, Pandora…I visited Sunset Valley about 5 years ago. I stopped by your parents house. That’s when your mother begged me to try to find you. She-they- felt so horrible for making you feel like you had to run away.”

“They didn’t make any sense! They were hypocrites. For crying out loud, my father was turned into a vampire, some of my bothers and sisters were vampires. They loved them. Why was I so different?!”

Screenshot-12 (2)

“You don’t know how frightened they were of being vampires, do you? They spent a lot of money looking for a cure. So when you showed your gift, they were confused, and scared. They were scared for you.”

“So, why make me feel like there was something wrong with me? Like I was a freak?”

Screenshot-14 (2)

“People do things they regret, especially to those they love. Listen, I know this is hard for you. I went through the same thing, only no one ever tried to look for me. I only wish I would have found you before the accident.”

Tears engulfed Pandora’s eyes. Childhood memories of her parents, good memories, rushed through her.  Perhaps her parents were not the only ones that had regrets.

“If you would like to attend the funeral, it is in 2 days.”

“I would like that.”


The weather was beautiful.

The occasion was not.

Pandora tried to stay strong, but she wept.

She wept for her past, and she wept for her future.

She wept for the missed opportunity her parents had of seeing her happy.

Screenshot-22 (2)

Bianca comforted her mother. She realized then. how lucky she was to have such an understanding family.

She was glad to be there with her mother.

Screenshot-23 (2)

Victoria and Victor were sad they didn’t have the chance to meet their grandparents.

Samantha grieved for her loss as well.

Screenshot-21 (2)

While the timing was unfortunate, Pandora was glad to have Samantha in her life.

Screenshot-24 (2)

A conversation started after the service.

“There is something else I need to tell you, Pandora.” Samantha said.


“It’s about your inheritance. How happy is your family with Lucky Palms?”


“I don’t know, we’ve been having problems. The children are having a hard time being accepted in school.  Jasmine and her family are our only friends.”

“You know, Sunset Valley has changed. A lot. I actually manage a potions consignment shop…I’m sorry, I got off point. There are two houses here, in the valley that your parents own. Their wish was, if I were to find you, that you, and of course your family, choose one to call yours.

“Really? I don’t know what to say. I will have to talk to Marcus about this.”


“Of course. Take as much time as you need.”


Samantha arranged for her real estate friend to show us around the houses.

We meet at the first address.

A beautiful Victorian house and a friendly face awaited.

“Hi, My name is Jessica. I can’t wait to show you around.”



Kitchen/Dining room


Living Room


Music Room


Master Bed



The house featured 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, a music room and a study. There was also a small garden in the back.

We went to the next house, on the outskirts of town.





Living Room, with a view into kitchen/dining room




The house was awesome.

4 bedrooms, 3 baths, an amazing kitchen, study, garage, and a pond with a Gazebo and an incredible view.

Both houses were more than I ever expected.

Now to make some choices.

Do we leave Lucky Palms?

And if we do, which stunning house should we choose?


It was still snowing in Lucky Palms.

Victoria and Victor were to attend Prom.

Outside the school their peers tormented them.

“What’s the matter, Witch? Couldn’t get a real date, so you brought your brother?”


“Let’s just go home.” Victor said.

Victoria sighed. “Ok, it’s Bianca’s birthday anyway.”

So, we all welcomed Bianca into teenager-hood.

Screenshot-10 (2)

The next morning the children were getting ready for school.


“Good morning” I said.

They replied in unison.

“After you all get dressed Your mother and I would like to talk to you.”

They agreed and hurried to get ready.

Pandora and I got the pictures of the houses out and on the table.


“As you are probably aware, we have the opportunity to move to Sunset Valley. So, first question on the table is, Do you all want to move?’

“Yes.”said Victoria. “I don’t want Bianca to have to go through High School the way I did.”

“Yes” said Victor. “I would like to be able to make new friends.”

“Yes,”said Bianca. “Actually, I’m fine wherever my family is.”

Pandora and I smiled.

That was easy.

“Now, that is settled, these are the two houses we can choose from.”

The teens looked at the pictures carefully.

“This one” they all agreed.



7 thoughts on “1.7 Fresh Dirt

  1. Nice! I wonder which house they chose.

    • Thank you.
      Which one would you choose?

      • They are both so lovely. I guess which ever one you think will fulfill the households needs the best.

      • I had fun building both houses. Actually, I built a few more, but those are the two that made the cut. I love building, but I am actually horrible with the design aspect, and landscaping. Those things just kinda get done while I play. “Oh I think a tree would look lovely there, and I think this room needs…a chair.” That’s usually how it goes. 🙂
        I really went out of my normal comfort zone with the Victorian. Roofs are such a pain, and I was experimenting. The curved bridge to the gazebo was a new one for me too. I feel a great sense of accomplishment getting them both how I wanted.
        Anyway, thank you for reading, and commenting! 🙂

      • You are most welcome 😀

  2. The kids grew up to be some really cute teenagers 🙂

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