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Currently following the life of a Bluebeard

1.1 An Unknown Past


Professor John Plumbob was a quiet man. In fact, he stayed to himself. Most people thought he was crazy because he didn’t speak to anyone…


You see, Professor Plumbob was about to change history.  He was on the verge of gathering enough evidence to prove that there was a planet between Venus and Earth, inhabited by beings more advanced than those found on Earth.

Work work work

The problem? The beings did not want to be discovered. The planet had a type of holographic force field around it. As far as he knew, he was the only one that knew of the planet’s existence.  He spent many, many hours searching for a breakthrough.


Too much time, really. Professor Plumbob has become a threat to us. Something has to be done…

What are theses pretty lights?

Awww crap


What makes this human superior? We must find out.

Testing 123

The answers must be here…

This won't hurt a bit

Run Plumbob run

Time is of no matter to us.

Getting shaggy


Answer me

“You want answers? Let’s go outside.”

I don't think I'm in Kansas

Running is pointless. Now we want answers. How did you see us?! What makes you so different from other humans?”

“I DON”T KNOW!….I don’t know…”

We must find out. The answers must be here somewhere.

I think I'll just lay down

-Wake him up. Try the other machine.

We have been testing for years. 


This is getting old

-No one else knows about us. It’s been 4 years. Let’s just let him go. 

Fine. We’ll take him to the pond…

Well then

I’ll erase his memory…

What was that?

And you can take him back to Earth. Drop him off in the desert somewhere. We will just have to keep an eye on him….

Going for a ride

We’ll keep an eye on EVERYONE………………


4 thoughts on “1.1 An Unknown Past

  1. Nice to see you’re writing again! Loving the start to your new story. John ‘Bluebeard(?)’ Plumbob looks like he’s into a bit of trouble!

    • Thank you! It is fun. I think I’m going with a legacy this time around, but I haven’t decided for sure. I’d like to play my game, but I need to make up my mind first! Lol. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment.

      • Perhaps a Random Legacy if you’re not sure? It would still enable normal style game play, but have a few objectives to meet? Look forward to seeing what you decide.

  2. I really like the backstory I’ve never seen any like it before

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