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Simopolis – Conclusion

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The Simopolis Family was my only Sim family for a year. I am happy and sad to be writing the final update. As per my previous update, Zeus and Zelda received a vacation. I like to think Zeus took Zelda to Greece, too in love with the country to return. Living their final days basking in the warm sunlight.

I wrote the above paragraph a few weeks ago. I still have nothing to write. Whether it is writers block or sadness for the Simopolis Family’s unintended end, I can not say.

I leave this conclusion with one final picture. This is Jacob Simopolis. I like to think of this picture as a beginning. Somewhere there is a place where all pixelated families that met their unintentional demise fulfill their dreams. A place where all the gliched Legacies, Jacks of Many Trades, and all hard worked Challenges continue.

HAPPY SIMMING my friends.


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