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Hi everyone! I have had my baby. He is healthy and we are all doing well.
The Simopolis Family welcomed the addition of Generations with open arms. Then came the “Free Vacation”option for Zeus and Zelda. I am sorry to say they did not return. Perhaps the vacation took them to the sea side village in Greece where Zeus grew up…
Yeah…the game glitched crazy and left the entire Sunset Valley UNPLAYABLE!!!
I do have the pictures for my final update…*sniff* I will try and post it soon.
Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Yah!!! I had a feeling that’s where you were~ Congratulations! Buuuut no more Simopolis’ ??? 😥 I hope you do another challenge soon, I love this one! In the mean time (No rush of course, family comes first!) could you check out my rainbowcy? It’s here: . The Torres’ have also been lost to a glitch 😦 Anyways, off to add you to my links!

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