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Zeus Simopolis- Log 29


Carolina and Calypso were born on a quite night.


They were darling girls, and of course, very smart. Zelda and I were very successful at teaching the girls to talk.

“Make sure the boys give you flowers”, I told Calypso.

“Flowers”, she repeated.

“Make sure the boys give you jewelry”, Zelda winked at me as she spoke to Carolina.

“Jewelry”, Carolina repeated.

Carolina loved being held.


Luke, my little ladies man, was turning into a young adult. He had been looking forward to his birthday for weeks.


He was pleased with the way he grew up.

“Look out ladies!”, I heard him say in the mirror.


“Dad, I’m going out tonight, wanna join me?”, he asked me.

“No, thanks. I have another meeting tomorrow, and I need to make sure I’m ready.” I replied.

So, Luke went to Privilege. He was quite dissapointed to see the only pretty girls were, in fact, his sisters.


Luke danced for a little while.

He danced until he noticed how thirsty he was. He sat down at the bar, and was about to order a drink when he did a double take. The bartender was really cute!

“What can I get you?”, she asked.

He tried the smolder look.


She giggled. “Sweetheart, your cute, but I’m pretty busy. You gonna order or not?”

Luke felt a little rejected. “I’d like a gin and tonic”, he replied.

She smiled and prepared his drink.

He finished his drink and noticed the place had picked up a bit. He started conversing.


He and Morgana really hit it off. She asked him for his number. He gladly wrote the digits.


He leaned in a little closer and whispered,”Make sure and call me…if you need anything.”

Morgana blushed. “I can think of a few things.”

And so they began kissing. They kissed until the sun came up.


Morgana sighed. “I have to stop by work for a little bit. Can I come by your place later?”

“Of course. I’ll be waiting,” Luke replied. “Do you need directions to my house?”

“Oh, no”, she giggled. “Everyone knows where you live.”

They kissed good bye, and parted ways.

Luke took a shower and laid in bed. He drifted off to sleep. The door bell rang.

It was Morgana. He pulled her close and embraced her in a long kiss.


“If you were any better at that, I wouldn’t be able to stand”, she said.

“Well, let’s go to the hot tub. I’ll make it better and you won’t have to worry about standing”, he said softly.


And course the kissing got better and led to a more intimate activity.

It got late fast. “I have to go home, Luke”, she said.

“I understand”, he said as he kissed her shoulder. “Maybe we can get together soon?”

“I’d like that.” She stood up and began to leave.


I was walking in the door, when a very giddy Morgana was walking out. What is Morgana Wolff doing here-oh, no…

I found Luke in a lounge chair. “Luke, I’m not trying to get in your personal business, but why was Morgana Wolff here?”

Luke blushed a little and cleared his throat. “She was…with me.”

I rubbed my face. “Son…I thought I raised you better…”

Luke’s face wrinkled up. “What are you talking about?! I’m an adult. We were just having a little fun…besides, I was…careful.”

“Having a little ‘fun’ isn’t the problem, Morgana is married! I do not approve of unfaithfulness.”

“Married?! Oh.” Luke staggered a little then sat down in the chair. “She never mentioned that. She wasn’t wearing a ring. I honestly had no idea.”

“Well….I…” I really didn’t know what else to tell him.

I patted him on the shoulder and walked back inside.

The next morning I heard Luke in the courtyard. He sounded upset. I looked out to see him on his cell phone.
“….married. No. You did not! I’m sorry, Morgana, I enjoyed your company too, but I will not be involved….Good-bye.” He turned and looked at me. “Thank you dad. I’m glad you told me…before…things got out of hand.”

I was very proud of Luke. “Im sorry I had to be the one to tell you.”

Luke chuckled a little. “Better you than her husband!”

Things went on normally. I was working my way up at work.

Luke was enjoying the single life.


The girls were attending their first day of school.

*sigh* Luke was enjoying the single life…


I was still tired, but Zelda really helped keep my spirits up…

One day I was watching tv, and Luke was working on a sculpture. He had just finished when his phone rang…

“Crimson?! Hey!…. It has been a while! On your own? Oh…roommate? Let me call you back in a few minutes….ok. Bye.”

“Go ahead.” I told Luke. “Just be careful.”

“Thanks dad,” he said as he called Crimson back.

“Hey Crimson. Sounds good. I’ll pack my clothes and come help set up our bachelor pad!”

After hanging up, he came over to me and gave me a big hug. “I love you, dad. I couldn’t have wished for more awesome parents.”

“I love you, too. Now…what can I help you pack?” We laughed and got his stuff squared away.

And then it was time for Luke to go.


The next day was very busy. Calypso (left) and Carolina (right) became teenagers…


…and Zelda gave birth to two more daughters…

As always, than you for reading! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Zeus Simopolis- Log 29

  1. Aww great chapter! Luke should appear in the next two chapters.. or so, with Crimson!

  2. Haha, I loved hearing about Zeus’ thought on Luke ‘enjoying the single life’. Great chapter!

  3. *dies at mention of Crimson*

    My baby!! ❤ All grown up with his own bachelor pad with Luke Simopolis xD
    Oh, and the girls grew up so well! I love how even though you're only using the two same sims, all your children have really interesting and unique looks. Already dying to see how the new girls will turn out!! 😀 x

    • I am constantly amazed on how different they all look! Sometimes I just scroll through the family tree to look at the kids! I wonder how they would differ if Zeus’ skin color was blue and Zelda’s purple…. hmmm…..
      I’m sure Crimson and Luke will behave. 😉

  4. I loved the way Luke handled the situation with Morganna 😀 Good Man! She should have told him he was married. This family is adorable! Looking forward to more 😀

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