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Zeus Simopolis- Log 28


Hello everyone! As we left off, Lydia and Katrina were about to become teenagers. We gave the girls a small party, and of course, we had a lot of fun. The girls were now ready for high school!


Katrina loved visiting the park next door to fish.


And occasionally she would join Lydia in a game of chess.


A few days after they became teenagers, we welcomed Luke into the family.


I was working my way up the science career. Zelda was very helpful with her knowledge of plants.


“Zeus, I have some ice, would you pose for me so I can sculpt you?” Zelda asked one evening.

I was feeling silly, so I walked over by her sculpting bench while she began working with the ice.


The sculpture was great, although it didn’t last long.

“I guess nothing lasts forever, does it?”, I said, one evening as we laid in bed.

“What’s wrong, Zeus?”, she asked.

“Oh, you know me too well…” I said as I held her tight. “Zelda, I just feel tired. All my life, I’ve pushed myself believing I am immortal, but I’m actually starting to feel old…”

“Zeus, you come from a long line, and even I and our children have had the honor of an extended life by being near you, but no, I don’t think we will last forever. I feel myself getting tired too. But, don’t be sad about it! We have accomplished so much, and I’m sure we have more life left in us!”

“I love you, Zelda.”

“I love you too.”

I got up from the bed, got a glass of water and walked out to the courtyard.

I was surprised when Luke came running up to me announcing that he was having a birthday…but time has been flying by these days.


As far as I knew, the girls were doing great.


Zelda continued to master her sculpting.

And I continued working.

I noticed the girls at our bar.

“It’s been fun”, Katrina said. “Are you ready?”

“Of course!”, Lydia said.

They tapped glasses and took a sip.


It was about that time I heard the doorbell. The party had started.

Zeus. You gotta pull it together. You are so worried about missing life, that you ARE missing life… I shook my head. I put on a smile and watched as my children grew up.


“Mom, Katrina and I have been looking online, and well, we found a cute little house across from the beach…”

“…And we have everything ready to move in the morning”, Katrina finished.

“That’s wonderful, ladies!”, Zelda replied.


“So you aren’t mad?” They asked in unison.

“Of course not!”, Zelda answered.

The girls finished their cakes, then, by Zelda’s wishes, found new outfits from her closet.


When the morning came, it was just the three of us.

Luke was painting.


Zelda was reading a book in bed. I laid down next to her. She put the book down and stroked my hair.

“Do you think we, I mean you, can have any more children?”, I asked her.
She looked out the windows. “It has been increasingly difficult…but I don’t see the harm in trying.” She looked back at me and winked.


Luke was a great teenager. There was a certain air about him that ladies loved. He couldn’t go anywhere without drawing attention.


I have a feeling he didn’t mind.


If he wasn’t out in town talking to women, he was in his room working out.


I was having fun experimenting on objects around the house.


And Zelda was enjoying some gardening.


One day a new apprentice was helping in the lab, when they measured incorrectly.


I was not happy.


I went home to get cleaned up. I looked at the clock…I still had enough time…so I hoped on the bike….


…and got a new job.

The next morning, I left for the Business office.


And a beautifully pregnant Zelda watched Luke run to the bus. She couldn’t help but wonder if this would be the last time she would feel the joy of a baby in her womb.


Thank you so much for reading, liking, and commenting on this story! πŸ˜€
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7 thoughts on “Zeus Simopolis- Log 28

  1. I’m I the only one who feels as though this challenge is near an end? I really hope not! I love it! If it is, would you do another? Me hopes so! The girls are beautiful!

  2. Oh noes! Not an end! :OO
    Love the chapter! Luke is SO adorable (;
    x carolina

  3. Zeus had lead a very fulfilling life, I hope he enjoys retirement when it comes. I love how he walked out of one job and straight into the next like that. How decisive!

    • Yes, Zeus has been a very busy man! He has definitely earned a retirement! And for switching jobs, I’d probably do the same if I left work charred! Lol… thank you for reading!

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