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Zeus Simopolis -Log 26


We welcomed not one, but two more children to our home! Meet Katrina and Lydia.


Callie Rose and Amy were awesome helpers.
Before long though, it was time for them to become young ladies. Again, I was blessed with beautiful ladies!


Zelda was a wonderful artist. After painting quite a few pictures for City Hall, many other local businesses wanted some of her art work as well. She had just finished a painting for the Fire Station.
“I’ll be back!”, she told us. “I’m going to run this down to the Fire Station.”

She arrived at the station and was greeted by a handsome young man.

“Hello. You must be Mrs. Simopolis”,he said. “Let me help you with that painting.”

“Thank you sir. I apologize, what was your name?”, she asked.

“Paul Rocks. I just transferred here from Twinbrooke.”

“That explains why I haven’t seen you before…”

“Yes ma’am, that, and I have been so busy, I haven’t really gotten a chance to get out much.”
“Hopefully not too busy… Are my boys Dion and Xristos taking good care of you?”

“Yes ma’am. They are great to work with. Thank you.”

“Look, why don’t you join us for dinner tonight? My husband Zeus is grilling Salmon…”

“That sounds lovely, Mrs. Simopolis.”

“Ok. We’ll see you around 8. Have Xristos give you directions.”

She arrived home, grinning like a cat.
“Where are the girls?”, she asked me.

“The big ones or little ones?”

“The big ones.”

“Callie Rose has stepped out for a bit, but Amy is playing with Katrina and Lydia.”

She walked to the nursery.

“Hey Amy!”, Zelda grinned.

“Hi Mom…is everything ok?”

“Perfect. We have a dinner guest tonight. I’ll watch the girls…maybe you would like to get glammed up. Oh, and would you please tell your father he’s cooking salmon tonight.”

Amy gave Zelda a curious look. “Yes ma’am.”

At 8:00 sharp, there was a knock on the door.

“Amy, why don’t you go great our guest?” Zelda said. Again, wearing the silly grin.

Amy went to the door.

She was speechless when the handsome young fireman walked in.


“Hi. I’m Amy.”, she said, while doing her best to keep eye contact.

“I’m Paul.” ,he said. “I didn’t realize Zelda…I mean I didn’t know you…”, he cleared his throat. “What I’m trying to say is, I would have changed into more decent attire if I would have known I was going to meet such a beautiful young lady.”

Amy blushed. “I think you look just right.”

I playfully slapped Zelda’s arm. “You little matchmaker! You better be glad Callie isn’t here, you’d have started a war!”

“Yes, that did work out well!”, Zelda chuckled. She walked into the foyer. “Excuse me for interrupting, but dinner is ready.”
While they enjoyed dinner, Callie Rose was meeting someone new herself.

Callie had run some errands in town and was about to grab a bite to eat at the Diner.

“Excuse me, ma’am?”, she heard a man behind her say.

She turned and saw it was a very handsome man…he reached out to shake her hand.

“Hi. My name is Jesse. Jesse Jenkins. I’m new to town, and was wondering if you would tell me if this is a good place to eat.”


“Hi. I’m Callie Rose Simopolis. And the food isn’t so bad…It’s either here, The Bistro, or bar food at Privilege.”

“Hmmm… what’s Privilege like?”

“It’s a nice little club, on the beach…you haven’t been here long, I take it?”

“No, my cousin just transfered to the fire department here, and well, I needed a change, so I came with him.”

“I see. I think you’ll like it here. It’s a pretty quiet little town.”

“I hope so! Do you mind if I join you for dinner?”

“Sure. Sounds great.”

After dinner they exchanged numbers.

“Callie Rose, it has been a pleasure to meet you. Can we go out together again? Maybe you can show me where Privilege is?”

“I would love to… How about tomorrow?”

Jesse smiled. “That sounds wonderful!”

Callie headed home with a grin on her face. She couldn’t wait to tell Amy about Jesse, and about his cousin Paul…

But of course Amy had already met Paul…

“Paul, this might be a bit forward, but are you married?”, she asked after dinner.


He blushed slightly. “No ma’am, I’m not, and you can be as forward as you want with me, Miss Amy.”

Now it was Amy’s turn to blush.

“I’ll be at the station all day tomorrow, but it would be real nice if you were able to stop by.”

“I just might do that…”, she winked.

They said good night and Paul left.

Callie arrived home and the girls giggled as they told eachother about their evening.

The next day Amy went to the station. Paul was very happy to see her. They sat on a couch and continued to get to know eachother.

She found out that Paul was an excellent kisser…

That night Callie called a taxi to pick her and Jesse up.

They arrived at Privilege.

“Wow…this place is pretty nice, for such a small town!”, he said. “But after meeting you, I shouldn’t be surprised.”

Callie looked at him…”What do you mean by that?”

“Well, just because it’s a small town, doesn’t mean it doesn’t hold beautiful treasure.”, he said looking into her eyes.

They had a wonderful time together.

Before they knew it, the sun was starting to come up.

“I guess we should get going…”Jesse said dismally.

“I guess so.”, Callie said.

He grabbed her hands and pulled her close. Her face was inches from his. She whispered,”Are you going to kiss me, or not?”

“Yes ma’am, I think I will”, he whispered back.


“So, does that mean I can take you out again?”, he asked.

She touched his cheek. “Anytime you want…”


Callie Rose and Amy were quite happy, and it was sweet to see young love. They continued seeing Paul and Jesse, and I was glad to see such respectable young men with my daughters.

With everyone so happy, time has gone by quickly…Katrina and Lydia are already getting ready for their first day of school tomorrow!

Next time: Will Callie Rose and Amy’s love lives continue as planned? Thank you for reading!


7 thoughts on “Zeus Simopolis -Log 26

  1. AWWW ❤ what cute couples!! Are they like.. from the south of the US or something? I love how they say Ma'am the whole time(: I can just imagine the accents xD And Katrina and Lydia are adorable!! 🙂

  2. Yah I can imagine them too ^!! The twins are adorable!

  3. The girls are gorgeous, nice to see them both with suitors so quickly!

  4. Good job – girls look great x

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