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Zeus Simopolis – Log 23


“So, what is the plan?” I asked Kia as we were somewhere over the Pacific ocean.

Kia looked at me. “I just want to see different cultures, and meet people not from Sunset Valley.”

“Like a man?” I winked.

Kia blushed a little. “That would be nice. I’m not getting younger, and I even though I know I still have time, I do want a family.”

“I understand. I always wanted a family, too. It’s in your genes.”

Kia smiled at me.

“I tell you what. I have a few things I would like to do on this little trip. I’ll let you do your own thing, and if you need me, just let me know.”

“Ok, Baba. Sounds like a plan.”
She laid her head back and closed her eyes. I did the same, and was soon fast asleep.

The plane landed and we got settled. I went to the market and enjoyed looking at the stores.
Kia went to the Martial Arts Academy and started practicing.


The young man started taking pictures of Kia. Oh man. How do they recognise me here? she thought to herself.

Well he is kinda cute… Kia stopped practicing and attempted to speak to him. He bowed his head and quickly ran off. Confused and a bit tired, Kia headed back to the hotel.
By the next morning, everyone knew we were there.
A handsome man stopped Kia and asked for her autograph.


But, when she tried to talk to him, he just blushed and ran off.

Kia found that she was spending a lot of time signing autographs.


Again she tried speaking to a young man who was capturing every move she made.


“I’m sorry, Miss, but I must go.” And he ran off.

Kia did a breath check. What the hell is wrong with me?!

She went to the Academy, and practiced and practiced.

I was asked to bring my guitar to the local market and play. I had a lot of fun, and was getting quite good! I was due for a career change on our return home, and decided on the music career. I couldn’t wait!

We only had a few days left on our vacation. Kia and I sat at the table together.

“So… how’s meeting a nice guy going?” I asked playfully.

“I’d rather not talk about it-Hey, do you want to go to the Academy with me and give me your opinion on my moves?”



“Not as good as your old man, but your learning very well!” I said, after a sparring match.

“Thanks”, Kia said, with a shortness of breath.

Our little trip ended, and we had a safe flight home.
“Did you have fun?” I asked her before we walked inside.

“Yes. Thank you”, she replied a gave me a big hug.

The next day I went to the theater and started my music career.

Kia went out that evening.


Kia tried introducing herself to a few people.


But, they seemed to have excuses and other places to go…

Kia walked up to the bar.
“Im something bothering you Miss Simopolis?”

“I just don’t understand why every man I talk to doesn’t give me the time of day.” Kia admitted.

“Just be patient dear.” the kind bartender said.

Kia decided she was right. She walked over to the dancefloor and started to feel the beat of the music.


Kia was enjoying the music. She felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around to see a handsome man.

“Hi. I’m Theodore”,he said. “By any chance are you planning on coming to this club again?”

“Excuse me?” Kia questioned.

“Well, it just that it’s about to close, and I only just got the courage to come over here and ask you to dance.” He replied.

Kia relaxed a little. “Oh, I see. I’m sure if I was asked to come back, I might consider it.”

“How about Friday night?”

“Sounds like a date- um, a plan.” Kia chuckled nervously. “I’ll meet you here at 10.”


“See you then.” Theodore said, as he took her hand and kissed it.

The rest of the week went slow. Kia got a phone call.
“Miss Simopolis, this is Tasha, and I work for a winery in France.”

Kia pulled the phone from her ear and looked at it, puzzled. She put it back to her ear, “How may I help you?”

“Well, I noticed your picture in a tabloid here, and decided you have the perfect look to promote a new line of wine we are about to introduce…”

“Hmm… I have always wanted to see France…” Kia replied.

“Perfect. Can you leave Monday? I’ll have everything arranged for you here.”

“Ok…”. Kia was still a little sceptical, but she and Tasha talked a bit more, and discussed all the details. By the time the conversation was over, she was totally excited to go to France.

Kia pulled up to Privilege and immediately noticed Theodore waiting for her.

He waved. “Good evening!” he called.

Kia walked up to him and returned the greeting. The stood outside and talked for a bit. Finally, Kia asked him if he was single…


“I am…for now”, he winked. “Come on, let’s go inside and have some fun.”

It was a beautiful night. They had a few drinks, danced a little, and suddenly Theodore said “Let’s go swimming! Look at the pool. It’s perfect!” Before Kia could say anything, Theodore was talking his clothes off and getting in the pool naked!


As difficult as it was to keep her eyes off of him, she ran to her car and grabbed her bathing suit. Not only was she a little modest, but she did not need her naked on the front of tomorrow’s tabloid!

She changed and joined him in the pool. A few other people thought he had the right idea, stripped and jumped in the pool. This was turning into a crazy night!


Kia snuck out of the pool and grabbed Theodore’s clothes!


She hide behind a corner “THEODORE!” She chuckled.

He got out of the pool. The bartender threw him a towel. “In the pool is one thing…but you need to cover up”, she said.

Theodore went looking for Kia, but Kia had snuck around him.


She snuck up behind him,giggled, and handed him his clothes. He got dressed and they sat on a couch and talked.

“I’ve had a great time tonight, Kia.” He said.

“Me too!”

“Can I take you to dinner Monday?”

“I would love to- wait. I can’t. I’ll be in France for 2 weeks.”

Theodore looked upset. “Oh. I see. Well, maybe when you get back.”

“It’s a date.” Kia replied.

Next update, Kia goes to France…. what adventures await?


6 thoughts on “Zeus Simopolis – Log 23

  1. I wonder if Kia will have a romance in france and then find out she pregnant and Theodore will never speak to her again?

  2. I really like Kia, and theodore! Yay for a cute pair!
    Great chapter as always
    xxx c

  3. HAHAHA, clothes stealing 😀 Kia is such a cool kid! I hope she has fun in France! (not too much fun 😉 )

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