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Zeus Simopolis- Log 22


The funeral was arranged. The house was so different. We were all in a daze…I missed China badly, and Zelda was having a very hard time.


I was hoping the funeral would provide some closure. Help to make the fact that China was gone. Unfortunately, it only made things harder.


We all tried to stay strong for Zelda.

Even the young man that found her came to pay his respects. Zelda tried asking him if he remembered anything else about that night.


“No ma’am,” he replied quietly.

“Zelda”, I whispered as I hugged her, “she’s gone. I know how hard this is, for all of us, but we will be strong and get through it. That doesn’t mean we ever have to forget our precious China.”

She looked at me with tears in her eyes. “You’re right. It’s just so hard to accept the fact that no one knows what happened to her.”

“It is. It really is.”

“I want to build a park next to the house, and lay China to rest there. A memorial of sorts.”

“That sounds like an excellent idea… but we will need to remodel the house, too.”

“We can tear in down and build a new one.”

“Ok. I’ll call Kosmas and see if we can stay with them for a little while.”

“I’ll go look at some house plans.”
And so it was decided. While the builders worked on our new house, Zelda started planting some of her best plants in what would soon be “China Simopolis Memorial Park”.

The house was complete. Let me show you around.
Here is the floor plan.




The right side- Kitchen/den

The master bedroom and bath


The middle- Living room

The left- Office/Library


And down the hall are 3 bedrooms, and 2 1/2bathrooms


And my favorite, the courtyard


Directly to the left of our lot was China’s park.


Everyone loved the new house.
Shortly after we got settled in, it was Kia and Xristos’ birthday.

I did witness a tear roll down Kia’s check as she made wish.


And Xristos was a nice looking teenager.


And after much trying, may I present to you, Amy and Callie Rose.


One evening Kia came up to me. “Baba, will you take me to Shang Simla, please. I want to go, but I don’t want to go alone. Xristos said he will help mom with the girls.”

“I think that can be arranged. Let me speak with your mom, and I’ll let you know.”

Zelda thought it was a great idea. “It will be a nice break for you, and when you get back, you start the Music career like you have been talking about.”

So, Kia and I were going on a little trip. We sat and waited for our ride to the airport.

I hope you like the new house! Join me next time to read about Kia. Will she find love in Shang Simla? Thank you for reading!

Also, please let me know if you would like the house or Kia Ling on the exchange!


9 thoughts on “Zeus Simopolis- Log 22

  1. Oh My Gosh thank you sooooo much for naming a baby after me!!!!!!!!!!!! Which one is Callie and which one is Amy? Anyways I hope they found out who killed China and the family will have closure… Great chapter!

    • You are welcome! Thank you for reading, commenting, and keeping me motivated to continue!
      I believe that building the memorial park for China was their way of letting her rest. 😉
      The blonde is Amy. She is so cute! Wait till you see the hubby I made for her! 😀

  2. Dawww, adorable chapter<3
    yay for closure. China was a lovely girl but it was time to let go. They were all lovely.
    New bbs= cutest!
    xxxxxxxxxx Carolina

  3. The manse is so gorgeous! And having a park dedicated to China’s memory is incredibly sweet. It balanced the change in their home so nicely.

  4. OMG how did I miss this chapter?? D’AWW YOU NAMED THE BABIES AMY AND CALLIE ROSE!!!
    That is too cute :’D

    • Lol… I don’t know, but it’s the first log you didn’t comment on…I thought you were mad I named a sim after you! I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you read my story! Thank you!

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