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Zeus Simopolis-Log 21


Hello everyone. This is a difficult log to post… but let me begin.

Kosmas was retrieving treasure when a mummy snuck up behind him.

“GET OUTTT!!!” The mummy yelled as he attacked Kosmas.


The mummy knocked Kosmas out. Kosmas came to, but could still hear the mummy shuffling his feet in the tomb. Kosmas remained still until the room was quiet. He carefully opened his eyes and saw he was alone. He got to his feet and left the pyramid, a little shaken, but thankful for his life.

We were glad to see him home a week early.

I was for the most part, enjoying the political career. Zelda loved it, as I put her in charge of planning my campaign fundraising parties. Plus, I was told my suits made me look handsome.


The time passed and it was time for Claire and Dana’s birthday. They both put a lot of thought in their wishes…



Kosmas, Claire, and Dana found a great house, and decided to all move in together.

The house felt a bit empty with only China and Kia Ling. Zelda and I found it increasingly difficult to conceive, but after a while, Zelda showed signs of new life on its way.

It was a busy day the girls blew out their candles. China blew her candles out first.


I believe it was only a minute after Kia Ling blew out her candles that Zelda went into labor.


Welcome to the world Xristos!


Another promotion meant another new suit.


Xristos was looking more like me with each passing day. I must say, he is a handsome little man.


Things were going smoothly. Kia Ling had a boy over often, but it seemed as though they were only friends.


China was pretty quiet, and kept to herself in her room.
Xristos aged into a child, and like most of my children, excelled in school.


That summer a new club opened. I got a call from the owner.

“Hello, Mr. Simopolis. Would you please do me the honor of being my first customer?” Mr. Dixon said.

I agreed. Opening night of “Privilege” was a success.


It was a very nice club. I was anxious to tell Zelda about it. Perhaps I spoke too loud.

“Kia, let’s go check out that new club” China whispered.


It wasn’t long after the girl’s curfew that there was a knock on the door. I saw the blue and red lights on all the walls.


I gave the girls a stern look and pointed to the living room.
“Thank you, officer”, I said.
I gave the girls a talking to and they went to bed.
Zelda and I have been blessed with good children, so I missed a few signs…


Kia came up to me on evening. “Dad, I’m worried about China.”,she blushed.
“It’s ok, sweetheart, tell me anything.” I said.
“I’ve noticed China talking to a lot of boys”.


“So, I’ve been following her. The other day, I saw her flirting with a strange man..”

“..and today, I noticed she was talking to him on the phone…”
I hugged Kia. “Thank you. I know that took a lot to come tell me. I’ll go have a talk with China.”

I went to China’s room. She was sitting on her bed, reading. I sat next to her. “We need to talk.”

She put the book down. She didn’t look at me or say anything.
“I understand you are talking with an older man.”

“That’s not your business”,she snapped.

“Actually, it is my business. What do you think he wants from you?! I refuse to let one of my teenage daughters be in ‘relations’ with anyone, let alone an older man!” I tried to keep calm. It was difficult.


“Yes, you do. I am your father!” I said. I was a little hurt. “You are grounded. I will take you to school. I will pick you up from school. You WILL NOT leave this house.” I left the room.

The next morning I took the kids to school. China didn’t speak to me when I told them Good-bye.

My day at work went very well. In fact, I reached the top of my career! I was now “Leader of the Free World”.

I picked up the kids from school and we went home. It was Thursday. Zelda was glad I completed the political career and we decided that my next career would be a musician.

I went to the theater the next morning after I dropped the kids at school.


I enjoyed a matinee, took a stroll around the park, and picked up the kids.

We all ate dinner together. China was not speaking. She went to her room after she ate and closed the door. Kia sighed and asked Xristos to play a little chess. Zelda and I cleaned up and sat on the couch to watch a movie.

Zelda and I finished our movie. Surprisingly Kia and Xristos were still playing chess.

“Are ya’ll having fun?” I chuckled.

“Yes, sir.” Kia replied. “We are going to finish this game up, and then get ready for bed.”

“Ok. Well, Zelda and I are going to bed. Ya’ll don’t stay up too late.” I gave them each a kiss. Then I went to the kid’s door and told China good night. I didn’t get a response, but I wasn’t expecting one.

Little did I know, there was a different reason China did not respond.


She was having a great time…


I had no idea my worst fear was about to come true.
“DAD! DAD! CHINA ISN’T HERE!” Kia said waking me. She was crying. “Her bed was stuffed! She isn’t here!”
I immediately called the police.
They started a search for her. I sped to the club. I had a gut feeling she was there. The owner greeted me at the door.
Mr.Dixon admitted seeing her earlier. “She was trying to go home with Mr.Wolff”,he recalled.

“I clearly heard him say ‘No’, and then he left. I was a bit concerned, and ran into my office to get your number. Then, I saw het get in a taxi and figured she was headed home…”

“Put my number on speed dial. If you see her, call me immediately!” I told him. I was too worried to be angry at him for not calling me sooner.

We searched all night. The night slowly turned into day, and back into night. No China. We went home to eat. Then there was a knock on the door.


“Mr. Simopolis”, the police officer said. “China…has been found…but you might want to sit down.”

A teenager had found China’s body, unresponsive.


After extensive questioning of Mr. Wolff, Mr. Dixon, and the young man that found China’s body, the death of China is unsolved.

And now my dear friends…I must plan her funeral…


8 thoughts on “Zeus Simopolis-Log 21

  1. Aww poor China 😦 She was to young to die.. Sooo sad the last line just threw me over the edge, now my frends I have a funeral to pack.. Great chapter though! Well written!!

  2. China!! 😦 she was so young!! Did she get in the taxi on her own?

  3. Oh, shame! What a terrible turn of events, the family must be devastated. I wonder how this will affect Zeus’ career as a politician.

  4. Oh lord!
    I’ve just refound this. That’s AWFUL! </3 I actually liked her. Aww! She was much too young 😦

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