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Zeus Simopolis-Log 19


…”Anastasia, will you marry me?”


“Oh, Dion! YES! YES! YES!”

“Thank you! You have made me so happy!”, Dion said as they came together and hugged.


Dion came running into the house. “She said yes!” He told me excitedly.

“Dion, that’s awesome!” I responded. “Your mother is in the garden, go tell her the great news!”

He ran outside to find Zelda.


Zelda was very excited. She immediately called Anastasia and they started making the plans. I made a few plans of my own. I called a contractor friend, and as a wedding gift, started working on an expansion to Anastasia’s house.

Before long, the day of the wedding came. It was just the four of us, myself, Zelda, and of course the bride and groom.

Zelda played a little music. Anastasia looked lovely.


Anastasia and Dion looked wonderful together! They exchanged vows and I don’t think I have ever seen a couple so in love.


After the vows I grilled some hot dogs, and Dion and Anastasia went inside and danced.


They couldn’t take their eyes off eachother! Zelda winked at me and we snuck out leaving them alone on their wedding night.




That night Zelda gave birth to 2 beautiful girls, Claire and Dana.


Dion was working hard at the fire station;

And Anastasia and Zelda were on the phone a lot. Apparently Anastasia wasn’t feeling well…


“She’s nervous to tell Dion that she is pregnant”, Zelda confided with me.

“He’s a Simopolis…why is she worried?” I asked.

“Because whenever she brought up the idea of children with Nikos, he freaked out, and she is worried that Dion will act the same way…”

I was furious at Nikos. “He’d better be glad Dion already put him in his place!” I took a few deep breaths to calm down. “Call Anastasia and ask her if she wants me to tell Dion. I think will do backflips down the street at the news.”

Zelda called. Anastasia seemed very relieved by my response, and although she appreciated my offer, she felt more confident telling Dion.


Dion was very happy.


And so was I.

The girls aged into toddlers a day before Zelda and my 30th anniversary.


“Zelda, pack your bags. We’re going on a trip!”



4 thoughts on “Zeus Simopolis-Log 19

  1. A trip!! ooo how exciting 🙂 the girls aged up into such cuties!! 😀
    I’m glad Dion took the news well!!

  2. Happy 30th anniversary Zeus and Zelda!!!!! Yay a trip!

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