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Zeus Simopolis- Log 17


“Dad, I’m going to Anastasia’s house.” Dion said as he grabbed some car keys and started out the door.

I heard him drive away and wished him luck. It wasn’t that I wanted him try and break up Anastasia and Nikos… But Dion had a lot going for him. Nikos, was a nice young man, and of course one of my sons, but lacked some the ambition that burned in Dion. Dion reminded me so much of myself…

He slowly walked to her door…


“Why, hello, Dion”, Anastasia greeted.


“Hello, Anastasia.” Dion replied.

“Please come inside, I was just about to make some hot chocolate” Anastasia offered.

“Thank you. Wow! Your house is coming along nicely.”


They sat at the small table as sipped some cocoa.

“So, what brings you to this side of town?” Anastasia asked.


Anastasia put her cup down and gazed at Dion.
“Me? What about me?” ,she questioned.

“Well, I would like to take you out. Go to a movie, some dinner at The Bistro…a date…” Dion said confidently.

“Dion, you know I’m seeing Nikos.”

“Yes, but I would like you to be seeing me.” Dion blushed.

Anastasia stood up. “I have to get up early in the morning, I’d better get to sleep.” She walked to the door and opened it.

Dion walked toward the door. He leaned in toward her and whispered, “Just think about it, please”.

The door closed gently behind him. He thought he heard Anastasia sigh as he walked to the car.


Dion got home around the same time I did.
“How did it go?” I asked.

“She didn’t hit me!” Dion chuckled. “I don’t know, dad, she turned me down, and reminded me that she was with Nikos.”

“Give it some time. I’m proud that you went and spoke to her”.


I had just gotten into bed when I heard the car leaving. I knew where Dion was going.

He parked the car and walked up to her house. There was still a light on.
He opened the case and got out his guitar and started playing a song he had wrote.


He played for a few minutes when the door opened.

“Dion! What are you doing” Anastasia exclaimed.

Dion kept playing.
Anastasia got closer.
He saw her close her eyes and listen to the beautiful song.

She smiled.


Dion strummed the last note.

“That was beautiful” she said quietly.

“Not as beautiful as you” Dion replied. “Your more beautiful that all the flowers in the world.”

“Dion, do you know how hard this is for me?! Everytime I close my eyes, it’s your face I see smiling back at me.”, Anastasia said.

“Then give me a chance! I know Nikos is my brother, but you deserve me! I would give you every and anything. He doesn’t give you the dedication you deserve. He still works part time at the grocery store! How is going to provide for you and a family?”

“Dion…I…I…”, tears formed in her eyes. “Good night, Dion.”

Dion hadn’t talked to Anastasia in a week. There was pain in every movement he made.

Then the door bell rang. Dion answered the it.
It was Nikos.
“We need to talk, Dion.” Nikos said angrily. “I know you have some silly crush on Anastasia, but is there some reason why she refuses to talk to me?”


“Answer me, Dion!” Nikos shouted again.

“I don’t control other people’s actions!” Dion replied.

The door bell rang. Zelda quickly answered the door. I heard a woman’s voice in the foyer. Then I heard Zelda, “I don’t think it’s a good time-”

Anastasia walked in the room and went over to Dion, oblivious to the fact that Nikos was present, and wrapped her arms around Dion.


Nikos walked to the door. “This isn’t over Dion!” He yelled as he slammed the door.

Anastasia eyes got wide. Then they started to water.

“Come on, let’s go somewhere”, Dion said as he grabbed her hand.

Dion took her to the beach.
“You are so beautiful in the moonlight” he said.


“Anastasia, I love you.”


They leaned in to eachother.
“I love you, too” she whispered.


“Miss Anastasia, would you like to be my girlfriend?” Dion asked.

“Yes”, she giggled. Then she frowned. The sun was about to rise.”Dion, I know what you are”, she sighed, “I guess this means it’s time for me to go home.”

Dion drove Anastasia home. She kissed his cheek and said good bye.

Dion slept all day. When he woke, I was in the living room.

He held out his arms. “Dad, how do I fix this?”, he said.

I knew what he wanted so I told him to go to the science lab. He thanked me, and left.

He acquired the vial, and like me, wasted no time.

The next morning I woke up and walked toward the kitchen. I wasn’t surprised to see a colorful Dion painting in the living room.


I finished my breakfast and was about to wake up Zelda when the doorbell rang. It was Nikos.


To be continued…


5 thoughts on “Zeus Simopolis- Log 17

  1. Ohhh Nikos .. what’s he doing there??
    Great chapter!! πŸ™‚

  2. this is a fun story! I like it a lot!

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