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Zeus Simpolois- Log 16


Welcome back everyone! Ready to party? Dion is becoming a teenager! Zelda invited Anastasia, and a few other friends.

Right before the party, I saw Zelda with her cell phone in her hand contemplating something.

“What are you thinking about, dear” I said.

“Oh… I don’t know. Anastasia probably doesn’t know many single young men yet…What if I invite Nikos over, and introduce them?” Zelda questioned.

“Awe! My little matchmaker. You’re so thoughtful!” I said, half joking. “Go ahead, invite him over, if anything it would be good to see one of my sons!”

Not too much later the guests arrived.

Nikos had no problem talking to Anastasia. She was a lovely young lady and very friendly, too.

We were all having a great time. Dion blew out his candles and turned into a handsome teenager.

I noticed the rest of the party Dion was having a difficult time keeping his eyes off Anastasia…

The party came to an end, but my shift was about to begin. I rushed out the door just in time to catch the carpool to work.

A week later I noticed Dion moping around.

“Hey Dion, whats going on? Girl trouble?” I winked. I didn’t expect his answer, or if I did, not the subject of the answer…

“Well.. Actually, yes. That is my problem. Ever since my birthday, I can’t get Anastasia out of my mind. And to make matters worse, I ran into Nikos at the park the other day and all he could talk about was Anastasia!” Dion replied.

” Well, what’s your plan?” I asked. “Do you have one? Have you even asked any of the girls your age out on a date?”

“I don’t think any of the girls my age are even half as beautiful as Anastasia. And as far as a plan: I have one…”

“And what is it?”

“I don’t know if true or not, but I wonder if I work REALLY hard and make the honor roll, if maybe, perhaps- We can have my birthday a little early.”

This actually got me thinking of all the children I have raised. It’s true that a few of our children were very ambitious and achieved their teenage requirements earlier than others.

“Are you sure that you want to work that hard for a woman you don’t even know will give you a chance?” I asked. “And are you willing to take a chance hurting a relationship with one of your brothers by pursuing the woman he is dating?”

“I’d do anything for even a chance to be with Anastasia.” Dion replied confidently.

After that, Dion kept busy indeed. I had never seen anyone, other than myself of course, work so hard and diligently. 

Not too long before the twins birthday, Zelda and I welcomed Kosmas into the world.

I don’t know how he did it, but it was 1 day before the twin’s birthday and Dion came to me with a letter from the principle. He accomplished his goal, for he was to graduate early, with honors!

I told Zelda we needed one more cake for Dion. “And you please make sure and invite Anastasia to the party.” I added.

The party commenced the next day and although Dion was thrilled to see Anastasia at the party, he was not so happy that she brought Nikos with her.

I must say, Dion was a handsome young man, and of course as it is evident, the last of our vampire children…

The party continued, and I noticed once Anastasia blush a little before making eye contact with Dion. It reminded me of one my powers I tried out on Zelda once…I wondered if Dion was also using a vampire power on Anastasia. His eyes darted to mine and I gave him a stern look. He smiled apologetically and shrugged his shoulders slightly.

The girls blew out their candles and were now teenagers, and Kosmas was now a toddler. (sorry for the lack of a Kosmas picture…)

I would love to continue, but I must go for now! I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I will keep you posted on my family very soon!!!

From the author: I wanted to continue, but before I do, I am curious to see how you think things will play out!!! Please leave a comment and give me your thoughts. Will Dion win Anastasia over, or is she too in love with Nikos to consider breaking up for another Simopolis man?


4 thoughts on “Zeus Simpolois- Log 16

  1. I think it might take a while before Dion wins Anastasia over!

  2. I like Nikos! I’m not sure Dion should be trying to steal other people’s girlfriends :L interested to see where you’ll take it… (:

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