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Zeus Simopolis-Log 15


Her words were like a bad dream. “This land belongs to me…to me…to me”.

I stood dumbfounded for a few minutes, staring at this young lady.

“Sir, sir?” She finally said.

“I’m sorry. I guess I just don’t understand. I purchased this land years ago from a real estate agent. I have a deed…” I was trying to figure all this out.

“Yes, sir. I understand. My family has been living in Bridgeport for quite a while. This land belonged to my Great Great Grandparents. See, there was a fire a few weeks ago while I was at work…” she started explaining. Tears were forming in her eyes. “I was instructed by my Parent’s Will to come back to Sunset Valley. I don’t have anything, except this land…at least I thought I had this land. I drove by this morning and was shocked to see this beautiful house here. I called my family’s lawyer and he confirmed the location. Here is his number, if you would like to call him.”

She handed me a piece of paper with a name and number on it.

“Thank you” I said. “I would like to call him. My name is Zeus Simopolis, by the way. Why don’t you come in while I contact this Mr. Jenks.”

“Thank you Zeus. And my name is Anastasia Simms”.   

I led Anastasia inside and introduced her to Zelda. I then told Zelda I had a phone call to make and stepped outside into the backyard.

“Mr. Jenks, my name is Zeus Simopolis,and I believe we have a misunderstanding.”

We talked for quite a while. Legally it was her land. And legally, the real estate company would be held accountable for relocating my family. Also, according to the Simms’ Will, Anastasia was to start on this land free and clear, meaning The Simopolis Estate would have to be demolished. My heart broke to hear this. We had worked so hard to build this house. But those were the instructions. I felt bad for Anastasia. She just lost her family, and now she had to start from nothing other than a piece of land. Well, if she was strong enough, she would certainly make a name for herself and the Simms Family. Now I had to tell Zelda the news. I walked back inside and excused Zelda and myself. Zelda was a bit confused at first, but was a lot calmer about it than I was. “As long as we stay together, I’ll go anywhere with you, Zeus.”

And so began the construction of the new Simopolis Homestead. We still wanted to see the ocean, so although the land was a bit smaller, and our house was more modest, it was definitely Home.  


Everyone was adjusting to the new house very well.  In fact it was actually a lot closer to town than The Estate was, so our commutes took less time. 

Not long after the move Dion’s birthday came.

The next day started the beginning of my new career.  I was now gong to work my way to the top of Culinary Greatness!!! It was also the first day in our new house that all the kids went to school.

“How about a little dip in the hot tub, Zelda” I said slyly. Zelda blushed and we raced for the backyard.

We were really enjoying ourselves when I heard the carpool beeping for me. I got out of the hot tub and had a wonderful idea.

“What are you giggling about over there?” Zelda asked me.

“Nothing, Dear.  I gotta go to work. Have a great day!” I said as another laugh escaped me.

“ZEUS SIMOPOLIS!!! Get back here with my clothes!” She yelled..

“Sorry, hun, I can’t hear you…Gotta go!” I tried to keep from laughing.

Good thing there was a towel nearby…The school bus was about to pull up with the kids!


Things continued to go well.  It was Alexis and Glykeria’s birthday, and as you can see, Zelda is about to pop!


Alexis and Glykeria were lovely. (Family Tree) They stayed around the house for a few days, while we prepared for Zelda to have the baby.  It also gave them a chance to look for a house, jobs, and brush up on some chess.


Zelda’s labor went very well, and I like to introduce to you Rose AND Lilly!


After we assured Alexis and Glykeria that we were good (they are so sweet), they closed on the house they were looking at, and headed out.


One evening Zelda and I were relaxing on the bed.

“I wonder how Anastasia is doing”, Zelda stated.

“Me too”, I confessed. “I work evening shift tomorrow. Why don’t I watch Lilly and Rose and you can go see how she’s doing.”

“That sounds lovely”, Zelda replied.


The next morning Zelda got ready and headed out. 

Anastasia was delighted to see Zelda.



They talked for a while and Zelda was happy to see that Anastasia had started to build a house for herself.

“How’s the job hunting going?” Zelda asked.


“It’s going… Actually it’s going kinda slow. I think it might be cause I’m not from around here.” Anastasia confessed.

“Well, don’t give up. I’ll talk to Zeus and see if there is anyone he knows that might be looking for help.” Zelda said.

“Thanks Zelda! Ya’ll have been so kind to me…” Anastasia said.

Zelda looked at her watch. “Oh, goodness! I’ve got to get back to the house. Dion is having his birthday this weekend, maybe you can join us.”

“I’d love to!” replied Anastasia.

Zelda got in her car and watched as Anastasia headed over to the park and relaxed in a lounge chair.



I hope you will also join us for Dion’s party! Until next time!

The Simopolis Home is now available for download here! 




13 thoughts on “Zeus Simopolis-Log 15

  1. Do you build the houses? Their beautiful! Can’t wait for the next chapter!

  2. Yes I’m finally caught up!!! 😀 This is really good, and I really envy your house building skills.. Ooh, is Anastasia going to be significant in future chapters?? 🙂

    • Thank you for reading! 😀 I’m glad you like my houses! And, yes… I like Anastasia, I made her a lot prettier than I thought! There are a couple Simopolis boys intrigued by this newcomer. I like adding something other than birthdays and job changes! Lol!

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