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Zeus Simopolis- Log 13


Yia sou! (Greek for Hello) Happy Valentine’s Day my Friends! I thought today would be a good day to give you a little update! Our twin teenagers Natassa:

and Nykta:

were doing very well in school.

It was a dark evening when Zelda went in to labor…

Welcome to the world Maria:

and Eleni:

Zelda and I were a little confused at first. Was it really possible? The pale skin, Maria’s shocking blue eyes (Eleni’s are brown, and resemble Zelda’s Vampire eyes), The “V” on their necks… We had created vampire children. But they were happy children, and very sweet. Our beautiful girls learned so much faster than any other children we have had. And it seemed as if the sun didn’t burn their skin like it did Zelda and me. Thankfully, they were quit content eating regular food,too.

The days and weeks went so fast then. My job was going well, and I was a day away from reaching the top of my acting career. I was a STAR! I was looking forward to the end of this career, to be honost… It just wasn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just that I like to help people more that acting was offering. It was also all 4 girls’ birthday! Natassa and Nykta grew into beautiful women(Check out Family Tree  for their pictures), and Maria and Eleni were darling children, and I was pleased to say we were expecting another bundle of joy!

It was that night that I decided I needed to find a cure for this Vampirism. I went to the only place I new that might have an answer for me. The Science Lab. I made it just as they were about to lock the doors. “Wait!” I yelled. I spoke with a scientist and he gave me a beautiful little vial and told me to drink it. I thanked him and handed him the $3,000 for the vial. I couldn’t wait. I stepped outside and drank.

Oh, God it burned!

I blanked out what seemed like only a few minutes, but when I opened my eyes, the sun was shining on my face. It felt good, and I had missed it so much.

I hurried home to Zelda. I couldn’t wait to tell her about the cure! Zelda missed the sun too, and she rushed to the Science Lab. It wasn’t long before she returned home, unchanged, and crying. “They won’t give me the cure while I’m pregnant”, she sobbed. I hugged her tight, and told her not to worry, the Science Lab wasn’t going anywhere!

It wasn’t long after that day that I knew what my next career was going to be. I called my agent and left my acting career. He was very upset, but that was irrelevent to me. I said “Good Bye”, hung up the phone, got in my car and went to the hospital. I came home in a hideous pair of pink scrubs.

At this time, Natassa and Nykta had moved out into a cute house down the street. Maria and Eleni were excelling in school, art, and even writing. And we had a son named Zak, who was also another Vampire child.

Working at the hospital was very time consuming.  I was finally given to blue scrubs and was kept very busy vaccinating the town. First stop: Cemetary…Really? What a strange place to vaccinate the town, but you wouldn’t believe the line!

I missed Zak’s birthday.

It seemed like all I had time for was studying:

Checking This:

And Checking That:

And with “That” goes the internet stability… Join me next time to see the Girls age into teens…Oh, and Zelda is expecting again…yes, I know, before she was able to get the cure…


2 thoughts on “Zeus Simopolis- Log 13

  1. I hope she gets her cure soon! Great chapter!

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