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Zeus Simopolis- Log 12


Hello my friends! Well, my internet is still not working well, so we are going to try something else… As of last time, a few new people came to town. Actors, directors, and musicians. I was very intrigued! I immediately went to the new studio and applied for a job… I was in the movie career! I did enjoy it, and made a lot of new friends. I made a friend named Elvyra. She seemed nice. A little pale, but nice. We were playing darts and I accidentally pricked my finger. She was a nurse at the hospital, so she offered to check out my finger. She grabbed my wrist and bit me! It didn’t hurt bad, I did feel a little faint, and there was no bleeding. I was so confused…she said everything was fine and told me to go lie down. Then she left.
The next morning started like any other. I got up, went to work and got a promotion! This show biz work was going well. I even got an agent!
Another day went. Then another. That day ended a bit different… I left work and stopped by the theater to socialize, when I had the strangest sensation…

It was invigorating. All my senses were alert, and profoundly stronger. I felt like I could do anything. Obviously, I was beginning to draw some attention, so I started jogging towards the house, only I wasn’t jogging, I was running, running very fast. I went inside and locked myself in the bedroom. I walked up to the mirror and was surprised to see a few subtle changes.


My skin was slightly lighter, and my eyes were more intense than before. I wondered if these small changes would be noticeable to my family. I had a feeling I knew what had happened. I called Elvyra to ask her to come over and explain. I only got her voicemail. I could handle this… I was still Zeus Simopolis. I slowly walked to the kitchen. What was that smell? Food? NO! It was my family! Their blood smelled good to me. ?! Great. Just great. I had to think fast. I ran to the garage and got on my motorcycle. Forget the phone, I was going to FIND Elvyra. I drove slowly through town, scanning the faces as I passed. I drove through a few neighborhoods. I turned into the last neighborhood when I saw a familiar car and pair of pink scrubs. I speed up and pulled into Elvyra’s driveway. “I expected to see you tonight” she said. “Come inside and we can talk.” We talked for a while. She answered many of my questions. I was getting ready to leave and she handed me a small produce basket. Inside were small red, glowing fruit. They smelled good. She told me that I could live off the fruit if I preferred. I took the basket (gratefully) and speed home.
The alarm went off the next morning. Zelda was still asleep, so I carefully kissed her forehead and left for work. Elvyra warned me to avoid sunlight, so I took the car instead of the bike. Work went very well. I was cast as a police officer in a new feature!


I was about to get in the car, when my phone rang.  It was Zelda. She wanted to go on a date. The sun was setting, so I agreed to meet her at the Bistro. I got out at the park and I could see her waiting for me. I wanted her to think about me.  I concentrated very hard and noticed her looking around anxiously.


I slowly walked up behind her. She turned to look at me. “I was just thinking about you.”She said. I chuckled. “Look Zeus, I wanted us to get together so we could talk. Look at you. You changed. Please tell me what happened yesterday.”,Zelda said calmly. I couldn’t keep anything from my beautiful wife. We sat down and I told her everything that had happened in just a few short days. When I was finished. She looked into my eyes. Then she said something that shocked me. ” Change me too. Please. I want to experience this with you.”  I asked her if she was absolutely sure and she nodded. We stood up and she held out her arm.


“I don’t want your arm”, I whispered. I grabbed her and kissed her neck. I could feel her blood pulsing. I was so thirsty. I took a deep breath and bit My Zelda. I was careful to remember what Elvyra told me about changing others.

Well, I will admit that her blood tasted better than the fruit, but it wasn’t something I was going to get used to. Zelda has a green thumb and she was pleased to plant the plasma fruit.

The Twins were teenagers in high school, and it was almost time for them to graduate. Zelda and I decided it was time for more children, but thought it would be best if we wait for her to complete the change. I think she was enjoying the little break, and maybe even taking advantage of not having any one at home.

I was given yet another promotion and a new role to learn. I enjoyed the challenge. My agent was keeping me busy. He was constantly calling me with leads to help me with my publicity. I was promoting The Bistro, showing face at different clubs, dancing a lot, and trying out new drinks. The night life was fun, but a bit tiring.

Zelda transformed that evening.

I wasn’t home yet, and she found herself running into town. She was going to hunt.

Thankfully she came to her senses before she bit anyone. She ran home and picked a fresh plasma fruit from the garden. She was in bed crying when I got home. “I almost wasn’t strong enough”, she cried. “I would have messed everything up.”  I went to her side and comforted her.  I told her how proud of her I was -man, she looked so beautiful…We started kissing, and well, you know how that ended. Zelda was in the bathroom the next morning with the first symptoms that The Simopolis Family was about to get bigger.

Things were going great at work, even though my latest role was a bit strange.

Before I head out for the night, I want to show you our new house we had built. It is perfect for entertaining guests, and the floor plan works so well for the family. (There is a 2 storyversion , and 1 story version  available to download into your game! )

Join me again, hopefully very soon, to get updates on our children. You are in for a surprise!


2 thoughts on “Zeus Simopolis- Log 12

  1. Yay you updated again! I hope the next update we won’t have to wait as long to read! I hope your internet problems stop and you can update much more often!

    • Thank you! I hope to update sooner too! I found a way to update on my phone, but it isn’t as easy as a computer. I don’t like going so long without updates! 🙂

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