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Zeus Simopolis – Log 11


Hello everyone! It has been a long time since my last update! Things have been well… We have had so much going on! We have had many, many birthdays, and lots of other new stuff come to town!

Last time you saw me I was about to try out my Time Machine. It is a very fun invention! The first time I traveled to the past something crazy happened! Do you like this look?!


It was so much fun and I learned so much. I really wanted Zelda to share the experience with me…There was a horrible storm, so we found a small cave to cuddle up in, and well, you know me and Zelda…. Of course we made it back home, and a few days later a teenager pops out of the time machine calling us Mom and Dad…Well, it WAS cozy in the cave.. Meet Kia, out cave child from the past!

We gave her a somewhat more updated look:


As I was working on a new invention, Zelda was in our workshop perfecting her sculpting. She is so talented!

Our son Yanni blessed us with our first grandchild!

And now…(drum roll)…. My newest invention!


Jade is pretty helpful around the house… But she does the weirdest thing… She likes to play in the sprinkler, which always shorts her out. I really haven’t figured it out! Crazy Robots!

I’m apologize about this really short post… My internet is not behaving, and my agent just left me a voicemail. I know I didn’t show you any birthdays this time…Our family is still growing! I will probably update the Family Tree Log with updated pictures of the kids to get up to speed. I hope to have my internet fixed soon! I look forward to showing you what the night has in store for The Simopolis Family! Thank you for reading!


2 thoughts on “Zeus Simopolis – Log 11

  1. Oh, more children! Zeus really must have populated the entire ‘hood by now.

    • Yes, he has! They are everywhere! I am Sooo far behind on updates due to a horrible internet connection… I’m doing my best to keep track of all the children…22 at the moment, I believe, and Zelda is pregnant again!

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