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Zeus Simopolis-Log 10


Hello World! Things have been fun in the Simopolis House! Before I begin to update you with my family, it is by a request, to you show you my house. I am so thankful to have worked hard to have the house that we live in. And just to remind you, you can have a house like this, too! Just click follow this link This is the link to the entire studio. The pictures I am about to show you are from Simopolis 10-16-10.

Top View

The Garage (Fast Lane Installed)

The Honeymoon Wing

The Children’s Wing with Nursery and 3 bathrooms. You will notice the Empty space in the left corner. That is for a laundry room. I chose not to install washer and dryer at this time.

The Kitchen and Bar

Living Room

Office on right. Hobby room on left. Front entrance in center. 

Master bed and bath

Close up of bedroom.

Now it is time to tell you about my sons. Last time I told you about Sonya and her sister. Sonya was at Hermes’ birthday and things really took off. They were quite a match. They met at the park one day and Hermes told Sonya how he had wished on a star to have the privilege of loving someone as wonderful as her.

Of course she felt the same way and before long, they had their first kiss.

Hermes’ didn’t waste anytime.

Of course Sonya said yes!

The day of the wedding came. Sonya came to the house and told Hermes her sister would be home tomorrow. Sonya was excited to have Maria meet The Simopolis Family, especially Yanni.

There is a really good explanation why Sonya is in her nighty while they exchanged their vows… 😉

And then they were off. The night of the wedding Zelda looked amazing.

I couldn’t help but sneak a kiss…

The next day was Yanni’s Birthday.

He rushed out the door and headed to Hermes and Sonya’s house. Maria was home and he wanted to meet her.

And he was pleasantly surprised. Maria was just as beautiful and nice as Sonya.

I think Hermes and Maria wished on the same star!

They feel in love quickly.

He proposed. She said yes!


Oh, and Zelda is pregnant!

I believe Yanni and Maria celebrated their engagement… Maria is going to have a baby!

I am working hard on my inventions.

I was so proud when I invented the Miner. It is a lot of fun. I dig up some crazy cool stuff. Sometimes, I dig into extensive tunnels that I explore. (I kinda disappear for a little while) I love telling Zelda about the adventures I have underground. One time I met an army of Mysterious Gnomes! And did you know there are Giant Ants that live deep underground? They are actually pretty nice…

Well, until next “time”! I just finished an awesome invention that I can’t wait to try out!


2 thoughts on “Zeus Simopolis-Log 10

  1. Crazy shot of Zeus climbing out of that hole! I haven’t played around with much of the ambitions professions yet, you make them look great! Excited for the time machine 🙂

    • Thanks! That was my favorite pic! Can’t wait to show you what happened in the time machine! Do you have any requests for Zeus’ next career? Wrapping up inventing in my game..

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