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Zeus Simopolis_ Log 9


Welcome back! Since my last post 339 viewers have read my story! I am so glad to see that so many people love to see how my family is progressing! We also received from gifts from our friends, making our house look great! I’d like to thank  jensonbuttongirl for Theo’s Contempo Coffee Table; badboy898 for the Haute Hip Set; bbbgggg for the Barrett No Bangs Hair; and also a friend that was using a friend’s login to gift us the Glitter and Glam Bedroom.

Now, the moment you have been waiting for: IT’S A GIRL!!! Welcome to the world Aleka Simopolis!

She was born on the same night that Achilles had his birthday. He is our little toddler!

At this time I was still working hard to reach the top of the Architect Career. I would say at this point I am a wonderful painter, and my clients pay a lot more to have my work in their homes.

With as many children as we have in the house, it seems like we have birthdays every few days. Perseus was turning into an adult.

He is such a brave young man and after growing up hearing all of my firefighting stories, he decided it was what he wanted to do. I congratulated him on his decision and told him is older sister would take good care of him.

After he was sure he was hired, he moved out. We are doing pretty well in the finances, and he rented a limo to take him to his new house in style…

Like I said a lot of birthdays… Vasilis turned in to teenager,

And Hermes is also a teenager.

I was called to work on the Goth’s House. They asked me to redecorate their kitchen. I’m glad they didn’t ask me to landscape their lawn! It already looks so nice. And really, all the kitchen needed was a little updating…

The calls were coming in frequently for me to work. I still had time to spend with my family and before long, Zelda was expecting our 15th child.

She gave birth to Giorgos –

Achilles turned into a child-

Vasilis turned into an adult-


Yanni turned into a teenager-

And Aleka turned into a child! (yeah, we had cake leftover for weeks!)

After all the celebrating was done, Vasilis moved out on his own.

Now, it was the Saturday, one day before my official last day as an architect and the city was honoring me at City Hall. I received a key to the city and got to shake the new Mayor’s hand.

After the ceremony, I got a call on my phone. It was a lady named Sonya. Her and her sister Maria just moved to Sunset Valley and they needed a little work done to their house. She gave me directions and I went over. I was shocked when I was greeted by a very pretty young woman. No, it’s not what you think… I love Zelda unconditionally, but I do have two sons that are about to be young men…

Sonya is not only a beautiful woman, but she is very nice too. She told me how nervous her and her sister were moving into a town and not knowing anyone. After the remodel was finished, I got a call from Zelda reminding me to pick up Hermes’ Birthday cake. I suddenly had a wonderful idea. I ran it by Zelda, who excitedly agreed. I turned to Sonya and asked her if she would like to meet my family and join us in celebrating my son’s birthday. Her eyes lit up and she happily agreed.

I think Hermes was blushing the whole time! Zelda (who is now expecting baby 16) was delighted to meet Sonya, and after the cake was finished, Hermes went and introduced himself. “You have a beautiful smile” I heard him say. Yeah, he’s as smooth as I am!

Monday has come, and I’m excited to announce my next career:


 I’m going to stay at home and Invent. I am very excited about this decision. We have a good financial cushion, so we can still live comfortably while I sell items at the local consignment shop. I look forward to my next post! Zelda is about to deliver Baby 16, so I have to go for now!


5 thoughts on “Zeus Simopolis_ Log 9

  1. I was starting to wonder if you were gonna post again! I’m glad you did. I was wondering though do you have any plans to show off the house?

  2. Sixteen? Wow. I really didn’t think it had been that many! Also, I can’t wait to see his inventions – Zeus really does move through careers quickly.

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