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Zeus Simopolis- Log 6


Good evening!  I hope all is well with everyone. I love sharing my life with you and I am so excited that you are taking the time to read. I hope you find it as interesting as it actually is! I feel that I have been very successful in my father’s wishes so far, and continue to try and honor them daily!

So, as we left off, I promised to show you the house. I am quite pleased with it.

Yes, I know the landscaping is a bit…scarce, but it will come.

I really enjoyed ghost hunting! It was hard to decide when to make the switch to a new career. There are still so many unrested spirits that need my help. In my last few weeks, I searched as much as I could.

It was very tempting to keep this job. It pays very well, as I even found myself so busy I had to turn down opportunities. The school wanted spirits for a “haunted house”, the “Toy Factory” needed Security. It felt awesome being so needed. But, I had to stick to the plan.

Zelda was so excited to confirm we were having another baby. (Our 8th)

She gave birth to Apollo. And as she held him in her arms my second daughter, Fotini, blew out her candles. She was now a young woman.

Our son Odysseus also became a child. He was a handsome boy with his blond hair and striking blue eyes. And as I think of it, 5 of my children had Zelda’s blond hair! Only Fotini and Leonidas had my brown hair!

It was a Monday when I started my new career as a Fireman.

At first my day was uneventful. I immediately noticed the alarm needed to be maintained, so I started working on it. Once I finished up, I went to the kitchen to grab a drink. What a surprise! My first daughter was standing next to my new boss. I was so happy to see my little Persephonie as a Firefighter. I couldn’t imagine a better person to be by my side!

We were catching up, she had just finished telling me how happy her and Parker were, and I was just about to start pushing the “I want grandchildren” speech when the alarm went off. Everyone dropped what they were doing and we ran to the fire truck. I ran inside the house and started extinguishing the flames while th rest of my team checked the perimeter and made sure everyone was safe. It was such a rush. Adrenaline was pulsing in every muscle.

And then the fire was gone. Everyone was safe. We piled back into the fire truck and headed back to the station. The next shift arrived and I got on my (new) motorcycle and speed home.

Days went by. Being a fireman was rewarding. When I wasn’t fighting fires, I was at the station maintaining the alarms, conditioning my body, and occasionally enjoying some down time with my team.

It was hard to believe it was already time for Apollo to become a child. I had been working so diligently, that I had missed most of his toddler days.

It seemed to be another day at work when the alarm went off. There was a rush to the fire truck. I remember thinking I heard my street name over the dispatch. “Oh no, oh no, oh no” I thought. My heart started beating so fast as we started up the hill toward my house. I saw the smoke and suddenly the truck couldn’t go fast enough. Time was going in slow motion.

We came to the crest of the hill. I closed my eyes. We stopped and I heard Persephonie yell my name. My eyes opened. We were at the Landgrabb’s. I hurried around back and put out the fires on the back porches.

Once the fires were out, Persephonie caught me on the shoulder. I turned around and she hugged me tightly. “I was scared too, dad” I heard her say. 

The next day was Athena’s birthday. She, too, was becoming a young adult.

Another beautiful young woman!

Fotini and Athena apparently had decided to move out on Athena’s birthday. Zelda and I were sad to see our little girls, now women, leave the house. I did chuckle to myself knowing that Zelda was now surrounded by me and the 3 boys. I think she realized it, and was even more sad to see them go. 

We heard the cab pull up and the girls hugged us and told us to come visit them really soon. They walked out the door and Zelda ran to the bathroom. I don’t remember her being so upset when Antonis and Leonidas moved out…

That night I was in a deep sleep when I felt the bed move slightly. I was dreaming about baby booties for some reason….

I woke up and looked at my watch. I was running a little late, so I quickly grabbed breakfast. Zelda was in the shower, so I cracked the bathroom door, told her I loved her and ran out the door.

After work, as I walked up the walkway, I was thrilled to see Zelda had worked on the landscaping, and of course felt a little more safe seeing Poseiden was now guarding our house!


8 thoughts on “Zeus Simopolis- Log 6

  1. It’s so sweet Zeus and Persephonie work together – and wow he goes through children and jobs so quickly! How many days old is he? I don’t think I’ve ever had a sim work through promotions so quickly (even if you are playing on epic lifespan). Close call with the fire, I hope he doesn’t ever have to put out one at his own home. (Speaking of homes – nice job, it’s gorgeous!)

    • Thanks for your comment! I’ll have to check his age….I do have it on epic lifespan. Zeus is completely dedicated to his jobs! When he isn’t at work, he is working on building the necessary skills for that career (and occasionally making babies and attending birthdays!) I really like the firefighter career for that reason. He was at work AND still building his athletic skill. Ghost busting went quickly I think, because he had already almost maxed the logic skill with PI career. I know I came up with the challenge, but it has been a lot of fun so far! (I’m beta testing as I go:))I’m glad you like the house. Maybe I can do a walkthrough in my next entry. When it’s as done as I want it, I might put it on The Exchange. Thank you for reading!

  2. I enjoyed reading these posts! Aww all the kids,soo cute. I am really loving the names by the way. >.< Your house looks sooo good! Can't wait to see more of it :3

  3. Do you do the life fruit/ambrosia thing to keep him young?

  4. Nice story …. i’ll make sure to keep up with your stories !

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