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Zeus Simopolis- Log 5


Hello! I have been so busy renovating the house, that I haven’t had time to let you know things have been! The ghost hunting career is going well. It has been very profitable, but the work hours are a bit difficult to get used to. I work ALL night!






It is really neat to catch these spirits that are in my friend’s homes. The Banshee Banisher is a neat tool. It sucks up the spirit and puts it in a cool container. One night I had a great idea. Instead of my usual stop by the science facility to sell the spirits, I went to the graveyard.






I opened the container and released the spirit.






I heard a woman’s voice, as soft as the breeze whisper “Thank you”. and that was it. She did not appear before me, or walk with some of the other spirits I saw wondering around the graveyard.


One morning as I was coming home, dragging my feet, the kids ran past me to catch the bus. I was so sleepy I almost didn’t notice… My little Persephonie had turned into a beautiful teenager.






This was my first teenage girl, and I was a bit nervous going to work that night.






And it wasn’t just because I was getting stronger and dealing with spirits that could now possess objects, it was because I had a feeling I wasn’t the only one that thought my daughter was beautiful…






Parker was a new “friend” at school.


And I got a new toy at work. Now these spirits were getting sneaky… They were hiding at the very sound of my name. They are still no match for me. They underestimate a Greek with a growing family to feed!






The first time I used my new tool, the ghost came out to confront me. I told them I was here to collect them. “It doesn’t have to end this way” I told Sam, my first find.






I tried to tell him that everyone he knew had passed on, and that the family he was tormenting didn’t deserve the way he was treating them. He too should move on.

He didn’t agree. He said he was having fun, and then he began taunting me. I was tired. I wasn’t in the mood to convince any more. So I pulled out the banisher.






Sam is now at the Science Facility. Ha! And just for the record, my mother does not smell of elderberries!

I made it in home for a birthday! Finally! Spiros is turning into a child!






And of course, I was so excited, I didn’t take a picture of him as a child…(sorry)

I really enjoyed being at my children’s birthday parties, and they were very frequent these days. I was able to see Fotini blow out her candles and turn into another beautiful teenager.










 And Leonidas turned into a young man.






He was a handsome man, who wanted to be a doctor.






So, he applied at the local hospital and got the job. The same day Antonis applied at the theater, where he would begin his music career.







Now that the boys had jobs, they decided it was time to get a “bachelor pad”. I’m not ashamed to say I was sad to see them go.







Ah, back to work. I was had just convinced Maid Marian to peacefully leave when her husband, Sir Jerk appeared.






What is it about these guys being so angry? I attempted to tell him to join his wife, but he was not listening.






So, I did what I had to do…











And while I was teaching Sir Jerk a lesson, my daughter was getting her first kiss.






My wife Zelda was really enjoying her garden and it was growing quickly.








She wanted to quit her job, and now that we had a better house, and she was really keeping the fridge stocked, we decided it was time. She didn’t hesitate to make the call.






And then we realized we were having our 7th child!






I was stopping hauntings left and right!






I made it home one night just in time to see Persephonie age into a young woman.











I didn’t realize how serious Persephonie and Parker had become. I was pulling in to the driveway when I saw Persephonie propose to Parker.






And witnessed them exchange vows.






And they were off. Persephonie moved into Parker’s house.


The next day Zelda was tending to her garden. She was about to deliver a batch of her produce to the Bistro, when it was apparently time to deliver something else.






Welcome to the world Odysseus!






Our renovations are going great. I look forward to showing you our house soon. With Antonis, Leonidas, and Persephonie grown and gone, the house was a little too quite…For now….


3 thoughts on “Zeus Simopolis- Log 5

  1. Seven children and more on the way? It’s a good thing Zeus works so diligently!

  2. Awww, cuties! I’ll miss Persephone :/

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