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Zeus Simopolis-Log 3


After I told Zelda about the land I saw, we went together and looked at it. She took a deep breath of the cool, fresh air and smiled.

“It’s perfect. I have always wanted to live near the ocean.” Zelda said.

I told her that I called the realtor about the purchase, and well, to be honest, it was very expensive. I was moving rapidly in my career, but we would have to sell almost all of our belongings and start over. We would have to add-on when we can, and painting probably wouldn’t be a priority.

Zelda didn’t care. She already could envision the beautiful garden she could grow! She looked at the beautiful (big) houses around us, looked at me and said,”I’m up for the challenge!”

So, we sold our things, and built a very small home. I was a bit nervous. We had two small boys. Antonis was a toddler now, and Leonidas was just born. But, Zelda was supportive and told me everything was perfect.

We took the boys out to see the beautiful view.

I didn’t really believe anyone when they said babies grow up fast! We were already celebrating Leonidas turning into a toddler! It was a lot of fun having the boys!

We were busy. I was doing well in my career, Zelda was being an excellent mother, and we still had time to spend together.

I was taking as many jobs as I could handle. I was eager to advance in my career.

I was working so hard, I missed not only Antonis birthday,

but Leonidas’ too…

I was happy, however, that now the boys were in school, Zelda found time to play her guitar in the park. People tip pretty well when you are good, and being pregnant doesn’t hurt either!

We had a beautiful little girl. We named her Persephonie. She had Zelda’s blonde hair, and like the boys, my blue eyes. She was my little angel.

My family was growing so nicely. I hope my father would be proud! I was interviewing a client by the book store when My phone started ringing,

I rushed home to find Zelda in labor.

And welcomed my Little Fotini to the world!

Life was going very well for our family. We were broke of course. It seemed every time We had money come in, it went out just as quickly.

It was birthday time at the Simopolis household. Antonis was becoming a teen,

My Persephonie was turning into a child,

And Fotini turned into a toddler. She was our first child to have Zelda’s big brown eyes.

Antonis was a wonderful teenager. He noticed how the outside of our house was still unpainted, and that we still needed a few counters. So he took it upon himself to get a part-time job at the book store. We agreed, as long as his grades did not drop.

I finally reached the top of the Investigator career. I got my final promotion on a Monday, so I will finish the week out seeing how I will get paid $2,900 on Sunday, and then I think I’m going to try a new career in Ghost Busting. I had a few close encounters while on a stake out in the graveyard, and my curiosity was peaked.

Oh, and my Zelda is expecting our 5th child.


2 thoughts on “Zeus Simopolis-Log 3

  1. Beautiful kids! Especially the little Fotoni.

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