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Jack of Many Trades-A Sims 3 Challenge


 I have a new challenge that I would like to share. I call it Jack(or Jill) of Many Trades. Here are the goals and rules of the challenge. I will be playing the challenge as well. To start reading from the start, click here:

2 Main Goals:

1) Have as many children as you can! Populate that town baby!!!

2) Master as many careers as you can!

Main Rules:

1) No cheats. Yeah, I know…but it does make it a challenge.

2) Set your life span to EPIC.

3) Meager beginnings. I recommend a VERY large, empty lot…You’re going to need it!

Ready? Create a Sim. Your choice. Male/Female. Choose your own traits and Lifetime want.

So, here is a break down of the goals…

Babies and Such-

I recommend getting married. I am slightly old fashion in that way, plus it will make the rest of the challenge a bit easier.

Your spouse will stay at home to raise all those wonderful children while you are bringing home the bacon. Your spouse may be “self-employed” (if you have Ambitions), and can earn money for the house by painting, writing, gardening, inventing,etc. (if you don’t have Ambitions, your spouse can still earn money in these ways)

You can not have fertility treatment for either partner. If you have twins, or triples naturally, that’s ok. (If you don’t want to play for points, and are really up for a challenge, Fertility Treatment is ok.)

Since you are playing on epic, you can age your children as you see fit. I do recommend following this plan.. Infants- after 1 day. Toddler- after all skills have been taught. Children- after they earn honor roll. Teens- after they earn honor roll.  When your children reach Young Adults, you move ’em out.

As far as your children’s traits, no rules. You can pick them, or randomize them. Your choice.


Work your way up to the top! Once you reach level 10 of your career – change jobs!

Attempt to reach the top of as many careers as you can!

And of course, max out as many skills as you can!

There is no rule as to using your lifetime points for job enhancing bonuses.

Do NOT change your personality when you change careers.


1 point for every child you have

10 points for every skill maxed (of course this will differ slighty depending on Expansion packs)

50 points for every career completed.

To end the challenge, you have 2 ending paths.
1) When you reach the level 10 of each career. A few of the careers have multiple branches: you may choose whether you want to attempt the other branches or not.
2) Your mother sim becomes an elder and can no longer have children.

Happy simming! I would love to see someone try this challenge with a multiple colored couple. Perhaps a Blue husband and a Pink wife, to see how the genetics play out. If you do try this challenge, I would love to know! Thanks! Any questions, feel free to ask! Also feed back on this challenge would be great!


14 thoughts on “Jack of Many Trades-A Sims 3 Challenge

  1. Heey thanks for commenting on my legacy, can u plz add me to your roll! ill be sure to read more about this cool challenge!

    • I would love to add you, can you tell me how, lol, I’m pretty new at this! Thanks for checking out my challenge! EDIT:I found it! I have added you to my blogroll!

  2. That’s an interesting challenge and sooo many kids! 😛

    • Thank you! It’s been a fun challenge…10 months later and I’m almost done… I have gotten quite attached to Zeus and Zelda!

      • I might try with a new family…a colorful family. I’m curious to see how the genetics play out. I’ve seen colorful legacies, but most of the time the couple only have a few children… I don’t know… I would miss the Simopolis family!

  3. I gave them the link to you rules over here, ! This is a REALLY great challenge that you came up with and it deserves to be on the list!

  4. Just started this challenge and realized it would be more strategic to put my feminist values aside and make the guy be the founder and the girl live at home to avoid all the missed days of work due to pregnancy.

  5. This looks like a really fun challenge!! I am going to try it!! Nice work on this.

  6. Hi I am building a new website for sims 3 and would like to include your challenge on this site as it sounds fun. My website is
    Please would you drop me an email to either refuse or accept. thanks so much xxx Wittylady

  7. This version is known to crash easily and there are
    a number of issues that cause the program to stop
    working. “Crashes” have been a massive problem for many computers since the time that Microsoft Windows started to become popular in the late 90’s. There was one more slot for one more child in the household.

  8. Wonderful idea. I’m going to attempt to play this. I hope this will keep me active in playing the sims.
    Thank you. 🙂

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